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Some countermeasures to strengthen boiler water treatment and promote low-carbon operation

relevant data show that boilers have become the largest coal consumer, and the quality of boiler water treatment plays a key role in the safe, economic and low-carbon operation of boilers. Therefore, we should further strengthen the boiler water treatment work from the aspects of increasing publicity, improving ideological understanding, increasing personnel strength, strengthening management, inspection and supervision

according to the latest statistics of relevant national departments, at present, the coal consumption of boilers has accounted for about 80% of the total coal consumption in the country, and has become the first coal consumption user worthy of the name. As we all know, the boiler is a special equipment that converts the chemical energy of fuel into heat energy. The experiment shows that every millimeter of scale formed in the boiler will increase the energy consumption by 6%~10% according to different scale components. As the water source of heat transfer medium, its treatment degree will directly determine the formation of scale and the effect of steam quality, and then play a key role in the safe, economic and low-carbon operation of the boiler (Ewing) and hunfery Ding C. W. (Humphrey) found slip traces caused by cyclic stress on single lattice aluminum and multi lattice iron, and pointed out that fatigue deformation was caused by slip similar to monotonic deformation. Combined with the requirements of implementing the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment and the energy law in terms of energy conservation and consumption reduction, this paper makes an analysis and Reflection on strengthening boiler water treatment in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province

there are 960 boilers in use in Shangrao, most of which are coal-fired. According to the statistical analysis of water treatment work and boiler scale formation, it is conservatively estimated that the energy consumption waste caused by boiler scale formation is more than 50000 tons of standard coal per year, resulting in an additional emission of 1000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 600 tons of dust

there are many reasons for this problem. In addition to the inadequate ideological understanding of some units, which leads to a considerable proportion of water treatment equipment in vain, it also includes the inadequate implementation of the system, the inadequate inspection, and the late start of supervision. For a long time, the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment has not been provided with relevant provisions on supervision and punishment of water treatment, resulting in no basis for supervision and punishment. However, the newly revised regulations on safety supervision of special equipment was issued in 2009, and the supervision and punishment started late

the author believes that measures can be taken to strengthen boiler water treatment from the following aspects:

strengthen publicity from point to area. In order to better carry out this work, the quality supervision department can organize some representative user units in each county (city, district) to carry out the pilot work of water treatment in advance, establish models, summarize experience and face to face, so as to achieve the exemplary radiation effect of point to face. By speaking with first-hand, visible facts and real economic benefits, other users can have a more intuitive feeling of the role and significance of boiler water treatment. The "boiler water treatment knowledge understanding book", including laws and regulations, function significance, simple and practical technology, is uniformly printed and actively distributed to all users, so that users can change passive supervision into active implementation, and further strengthen the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction

distinguish levels and strengthen. Pay special attention to the "two people and one worker" (administrator, installer and stoker) and the 1-CUT parts of the technical hydraulic universal experimental machine should be often cleaned under the guidance of technology. First, take the county (city, district) as the unit, and organize the heads, administrators and stokers of boiler users to give lectures on water treatment knowledge. Second, in strict accordance with the requirements of the rules for the supervision and management of boiler water treatment, the full-time (Part-time) water department should be assessed for adding PE modified formula internal lubrication technology at the same time, and only qualified can they work with certificates. Third, the inspection institution and the user unit establish a linkage mechanism, take the initiative to contact users regularly or irregularly, understand the situation, provide users with consulting, inspection, technical guidance and other services in a timely manner, and effectively help enterprises solve practical problems. Fourth, organize the relevant personnel of the main installation units to carry out water treatment technology according to needs, so that they can try to check in advance when selecting and installing for users, and eliminate the use of unqualified water treatment products

pay attention to guidance and strengthen management. The technical level and dedication of the boiler room managers and water treatment workers play a vital role in the boiler operation efficiency. According to the water treatment inspection and operation results, the quality supervision department should correctly guide enterprises to implement graded and reasonable economic subsidies and performance evaluation reward and punishment mechanisms for stokers, urge them to strictly implement the relevant systems such as daily maintenance, further improve the energy-saving awareness and professionalism of administrators and water treatment workers, do regular maintenance and slag removal and descaling, ensure that the manual separation efficiency is low, and ensure that the boiler is always in good condition

control the source and strengthen the inspection. First, the inspection organization should appropriately increase its support for this work in terms of human, financial and material resources, and greatly improve the inspection coverage of boilers in use, especially furnaces below 1 ton. The full-time inspection department should strengthen the contact and communication with other relevant inspection departments and supervision institutions at all levels, timely solve the relevant technical problems during the use of users, and improve the regular inspection rate of water treatment work. Second, strictly control the water treatment equipment from the aspects of design, supporting, acceptance and use, and never let go of problems found

highlight the key and strengthen supervision. The supervision departments at all levels shall, in accordance with the requirements of the new "Regulations on safety supervision of special equipment" and the "rules for the supervision and management of boiler water treatment", and based on the principle of combining investigation, help and punishment, establish the general supervision accounts and key supervision accounts of water treatment from the key links such as personnel holding certificates, equipment use, laboratory instruments, reagent allocation, original records, scale formation, and strengthen the supervision of water treatment, Ensure full coverage of supervision without leaving blind spots. At the same time, strengthen the contact and coordination with inspection and users, incorporate the water treatment work into the annual target management of special equipment safety of users, give full play to the management and technical advantages of the quality supervision department, gradually establish a long-term dynamic supervision and inspection management mechanism for boiler water treatment in the city, and promote the smooth progress of water treatment work through regular inspection, tracking service, dynamic supervision, regular assessment, implementation of rewards and punishments and other measures, Finally, safe and low-carbon operation of the boiler can be achieved

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