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Several characteristics of the printing industry in Taiwan and Hong Kong

mainly small and medium-sized enterprises

Taiwan has 7800 printing enterprises and 45332 employees. There are about 30 companies with more than 100 employees, accounting for only 0.38%; 7720 companies with less than 49 employees, accounting for 98.94%. Among them, there are 6443 enterprises with less than 10 people, accounting for 82.54%. Most of these enterprises are run by families. Due to the small scale and lack of competitiveness of the whole business, some people are discussing the merger of small enterprises. There are more than 4000 printing plants in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, employing 70000 people, including about 100 with more than 100 people

high efficiency and efficiency

the printing industry in Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan has high efficiency and efficiency, with an annual output value of 300000 yuan per capita. Large enterprises with good operations can reach 1million yuan per capita. The achievement of high efficiency depends on modern equipment and scientific management. The main printing equipment in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province are advanced equipment purchased from major companies such as Heidelberg, Manroland, and Komori of Japan. The technological level of the enterprise management computing industry has been further mechanized; Second, give full play to the efficiency of labor and equipment. Taiwan province works 6 days a week and Hong Kong SAR 5.5 days. Generally, if the tools in the repair process accidentally fall off, two shifts are opened every day. Each shift works for 12 hours, and the workers can get double wages. A four-color unit adopts the system of one machine with two people (one machine operator and one assistant) or the system of three machines with five people (three machine operators and two assistants); Third, the machine is regularly and specially maintained to ensure normal operation, and some enterprises have eliminated and updated printing machines after years of use and sold them to enterprises producing more modern printing materials; Fourth, small accounting units, in addition to the internal tasks of the unit, can also attract external activities, giving full play to the production potential of all aspects

attach importance to product quality and service

enterprises pay special attention to print quality. The printing industry in Hong Kong SAR has carried out ISO9000 and ISO14000 standard system certification activities. In Taiwan Province, the qualification of 13 types of printing technicians is verified by the Vocational Training Bureau of the labor commission every year to ensure the quality of technicians. Taiwan printing industry technology research center and the stool in the picture on the right of Hong Kong use materials that only turn red when illuminated by ultraviolet light. In the testing and analysis of printing materials, its science and technology requirements are very high, and it is responsible for formulating education and training, printing quality standards, and testing 10 indicators of paper and 9 performance indicators of ink

(from China Packaging Information Association)

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