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Several details of flexible packaging production, storage and transportation

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core tip: for customers, if they want to improve their modern management level in commodity production, storage and transportation, distribution, sales and other links, they will pay attention to the printing quality of product bar codes. Therefore, the flexible packaging factory must pay close attention to the following five links

[China Packaging News] for customers, if they want to improve their modern management level in commodity production, storage and transportation, distribution, sales and other links, they will pay attention to the printing quality of product bar codes. Therefore, the flexible packaging factory must pay close attention to the following five links

1. Barcode design

comprehensively evaluate the barcode position of the packaging bag according to the gb/t guide for the placement of barcode symbols of commodity barcodes and other relevant standards, and determine the best scheme, such as the analysis and solution of the color and deformation before and after the content is loaded when the barcode is brushed in a straight direction; The analysis and solution of the shrinkage at the junction of half smooth and half cloth grain when the hot edge is pressed on the bar code; The bar code position is flat. 2. The solution to the unqualified situation caused by the ordinary protection of the back perspective of the spring fatigue testing machine

for the size requirements, the design is strictly in accordance with the international standard amplification factor table, and special attention is paid to the calculation and control of the left and right blank areas; In terms of color, pay attention to ensure that the reflectance of the strip space meets the contrast requirements. Because the plastic has a certain gloss, the contrast change caused by changing the reflectance of the strip space for the composite printed bar code is mainly controlled, leaving a color margin and increasing the reflectance. In the color inspection, the American X-Rite spectrophotometer is used. The color matching is efficient and the color reduction is accurate. The fault inspection method of the color fast spring testing machine is as follows: the switch has no display. Check whether the 220V power supply and microcomputer system power supply are normal? If the fuse is disconnected, prepare and accurately detect

2. Plate making

select the barcode original film with high precision. The adjustment amount of the strip width of the film is compatible with the gravure printing process. The lines at the strip position are required to be relatively deep and dense. When the lines are shallow and inked less, it cannot ensure sufficient hiding power. If the lines are too thin, it is easy to deform, and the edges of the printed strips are not neat

3. Composite printing

achieve the simultaneous printing of bar code and other patterns, adjust the technical means for hue adjustment, and give priority to bar code reading. What cannot be taken into account is to consider re plate making. If the ink firmness and wear resistance are not good, the ink will fall off during circulation and use, resulting in the incompleteness of the bar code

for non-polar materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene ethylene, due to poor adhesion, we pay special attention to it, and the ink maintains a certain viscosity to avoid low ink coverage. The selection of ink quality is particularly careful. The procurement system stipulates the selection of high-quality ink to ensure ink density, and the ink index stipulates that it has sufficient high-temperature stability to prevent the color change of bar code during compounding and post-processing, For bar code printing, strictly control the printing tension, drying temperature (100000 grade purified 3D printing materials, 10 key workshops, constant temperature and humidity printing environment) and other process conditions, and try to avoid shrinkage changes in size


composite stretching in the composite process, if the temperature is too high or the tension is too large, the plastic film will stretch, resulting in bar code deformation. Therefore, the production conditions should be strictly controlled to avoid stretching

in addition, if the adhesive is added in the compounding process, it can avoid the plastic film wrinkling at the coating place of agent A. through analysis, although the wrinkling can be adjusted and removed in front of the compounding machine head, because the adhesive contains the solvent ethyl acetate, the wrinkling can be squeezed by the coating roller and the squeegee roller, and the ink of the barcode part can be broken. 2. The loading speed cannot be controlled within the specified time, which can be dissolved, resulting in fracture, so there is a risk of affecting the reading effect

4. Packaging factor

the appearance of inflatable packaging is relatively flat, which has no adverse effect on bar code printing and reading; Vacuum packaging and heat shrinkable packaging should be paid special attention to. Because vacuum packaging is close to the surface of the content, it is irregular and the surface is uneven, which makes the barcode deformed and unreadable. Therefore, vacuum packaging should avoid direct printing and consider adding an outer bag to print the barcode

for heat shrinkable packaging, when printing bar codes, it is necessary to consider the position of the bar code after film shrinkage, calculate the vertical and horizontal shrinkage coefficient, pre adjust the size of the bar code during plate making, select high-quality shrinkage film with uniform shrinkage, and ensure that the strip space after film heat shrinkage is on the same plane

5. Inspection

advanced bar code detector. Regular staff training is essential for good people. For process inspection, the workshop quality inspector generally inspects the production process of each batch of products, paying attention to the first sample inspection, leaving inspection records, distinguishing responsibilities, and conducting batch sampling inspection of the printing process according to the sampling standard according to the stability of the machine. In case of any problem, stop the machine immediately to find the cause, and adjust it in time according to the corrective measures until it is qualified

the quality inspection department is mainly responsible for the spot check and inspection of finished products, keeping the original records according to the regulations, and regularly reporting the results of rewards and punishments to the chairman and general manager by the technical director. The bar code delivery inspection is included in the normalization management, so that each batch of products can be documented, tracked and traced, signed and filed by the relevant leaders, and the inspection method of printed samples is improved, Consider the factors such as the dark background of the printed sample lining and the inner packaging to ensure the bar code qualification rate

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