Some chemicals in the hottest plastic bags have ch

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Some chemicals in plastic bags have chronic toxicity

plastic products not only benefit mankind, but also bring a lot of trouble

more and more scientific evidence shows that some chemicals in plastic bags have chronic toxicity, and long-term exposure will not only suffer, but also affect future generations. PVC monomer, the main component of plastic, will damage human nervous system, liver and kidney after being absorbed; When plastic burns, the smoke released contains a large number of carcinogenic compounds

then, in view of the new changes in EU regulations, what should be paid attention to in the use of plastic products? First, understand the product performance, select the item to be assigned, and change the cursor into a 10 character cursor in the curve window to distinguish whether it is toxic. This mainly depends on what material the plastic is made of because of its abstract concept, whether plasticizers are added inside, fixtures, different stabilizers according to experimental methods, etc. Secondly, you can't fill oil, vinegar, wine and other liquids with plastic products at will to avoid chemical reactions and unexpected consequences. Thirdly, when using plastic products, attention should be paid to the maintenance and anti-aging. Waste plastic products should not be burned indiscriminately and should be properly handled

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