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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck: caring for truck drivers, we have been on the road

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck: caring for truck drivers, we have been on the road

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Guide: Lei Xinxi, from Heyang, Shaanxi, is in his 50s, has nearly 30 years of driving experience, and is still running transportation. Talking about Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, he proudly said: Shaanxi Automobile Delong f3000 is my best partner, running outside for more than 300 days a year, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has a high attendance rate, which makes me very relieved. In fact, truck drivers

Lei Xinxi, a native of Heyang, Shaanxi Province, is in his 50s and has been driving for nearly 30 years. He is still running and transporting. Talking about Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, he proudly said, "Shaanxi Automobile Delong f3000 is my best partner. He travels outside for more than 300 days a year. The high attendance rate of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck makes me very relieved. In fact, truck drivers need more care. Your free free clinic today is very good."

more than six years ago, Lei Xinxi bought a Shaanxi Delong f3000 heavy truck with the mentality of having a try. It is understood that he is the first Delong f3000 heavy truck customer in Heyang, Shaanxi. Under his influence, many friends in their village bought Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck transportation, which has become the mainstream model in their village. In his view, "Delong f3000 is not only a tool to make money, but also a good means to establish its own brand"

Lei Xinxi, a native of Shaanxi, reached the international advanced level. After 60, he worked as auto parts in his hometown in his early years, and later spent money to buy a truck and became a truck driver. After digging up the first pot of gold in his life, he decided to buy a car and run transportation by himself. At the beginning of 2009, what car should I buy? Lei Xin likes shopping around. "Buying a car is buying service." Lei Xinxi used this standard to measure some heavy truck brands. First, he chose the brand heavy truck of a large state-owned enterprise. The heavy truck of this brand was the first heavy truck he drove. Later, he felt that "the service was not good" and "brushed it off" after driving for a year and a half. Another major domestic brand heavy truck was also excluded by him because the price was slightly higher

at this time, a friend recommended Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to him. Lei Xinxi said that the most important thing for heavy trucks is safety. I heard that Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck is equipped with wevb as standard, which is specially for long-distance downhill roads. At that time, I liked Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck and said that I liked Delong f3000 very much, not only the quality of the truck but also the service

"Shaanxi Automobile has many service points and a wide range of areas. No matter where my car goes, I can find the service personnel of Shaanxi Automobile in time as long as there is a need. Such convenient and timely after-sales service is equivalent to improving the turnover rate and vehicle efficiency for me."

"Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has very good stability. The high-power diesel vehicle has strong power performance, and it is easy to climb a slope, which is very suitable for the terrain here." Lei Xinxi added that he was very excited here

"Truck drivers establish macro-control and market regulation mechanisms when accepting transportation orders. They usually work at night, which virtually deprives them of the opportunity to get along with their families and lacks a lot of care from their families. Truck drivers have made outstanding contributions to China's highway transportation industry, but in fact they seriously lack care from society and family. Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. holds the 'care for truck drivers' activity every year. I have also participated in you Several activities were held to cool off in summer. " Speaking of this, master Lei is so proud, as if he participated in every activity

master Lei then said, "today, I have a free free clinic in the freight yard, and I caught up with it again, which shows that I have fate with Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck. I hope you can do more of this activity. I see that this time you have introduced Delong X300 sample and damaged 0 heavy truck. In two years, I will change the car, and I will change the X3000 heavy truck. I look domineering and drive bullish, which is comparable to foreign brands."

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has become the leader of China's commercial vehicle enterprises, and this series of care activities have not only affected this industry, but also affected the families of truck drivers. It is the goal of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to let the whole society care about and care for them. Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, pay attention to the road

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