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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck definition standard load "new pattern" leads the heavy truck industry

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck definition standard load "new pattern" leads the heavy truck industry

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if there is a problem with the fixture, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck once again leads the heavy truck industry in 2014 with a 50% market growth rate. Pay attention to the whole life cycle of products, pay attention to the whole process of customers' operation, and then introduce the method of wedge load experiment for customers to make full use of the technical solution. It is with the grasp of customers' needs and the mining of product value, as well as the full series product portfolio of Delong X3000, f3000 and new M3000 that Shaanxi Automobile redefines the new pattern of standard load transportation in 2014

Delong X3000 is a brand-new product created by Shaanxi Automobile for medium and long-distance standard load and dangerous goods transportation, creating three core values of "increasing revenue, super comfort and high security". Reduce oil and weight in a three-dimensional way, and realize the overall growth of user income. The new European design concept creates an ultra comfortable driving environment. In addition, Delong X3000 vehicle technology comes from the European man platform and is equipped with the intelligent electrical network architecture of the vehicle, which not only ensures the reliability of the product, but also greatly improves the degree of intelligence

2014 Delong f3000 is equipped with high horsepower, low speed, high torque Weichai fuel-efficient action force and Cummins fuel-efficient engine. It is matched with fast 12 gear (with the cable industry is bound to speed up the reshuffle and reorganization gear during the overspeed 1035) gearbox and hande 13 ton man technology single-stage reducer (small speed ratio). It is the best power configuration in the industry, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 15%

the new M3000 is upgraded on the basis of inheriting the original advantages, achieving five three-dimensional quality breakthroughs in energy saving, comfort, reliability, intelligence and service. Its maximum monthly sales of lightweight tractors exceeded 3000, creating a miracle in the sales of new products in China's automotive industry and a value model of efficient logistics

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