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On October 16, the second China Science and Technology City International Science and Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as the second science and Technology Expo) was held in Jiuzhou gymnasium in Mianyang, Sichuan Province. The theme of this science and Technology Expo is "scientific and technological innovation, military civilian integration, open cooperation", which is jointly organized by the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission, and other government departments

there are nearly 10000 varieties of exhibitors in this science and Technology Expo, involving more than 2000 enterprises, covering many fields such as industry, University and research, including the forum of military science and technology experts, the conference on new energy vehicle technology and development, the military to civilian innovation competition, and so on

in the special exhibition area of new energy, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck Co., Ltd. displayed Delong new M3000 natural gas tractor and dual fuel new environmental protection muck truck on the same stage with its own brand j-20 stealth fighter and J-15 carrier aircraft, which received extensive attention from the media and customers

at the beginning of this year, haze was rampant, and more than 100 large and medium-sized cities in 25 provinces across the country were affected by haze. Haze control has been raised to a political height. Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. has developed the third generation of environmentally friendly muck Trucks Based on the current shortcomings of muck trucks, such as "throwing, sprinkling, leaving and leaking", amplified exhaust emissions, and difficult management. Shaanxi Automobile New 3.4 uses scanning electron microscope to detect that the analytical environmental protection muck truck has three characteristics: green environmental protection, intelligent reliability, comfort and safety. The emission of PM2.5 is reduced by more than 85%, and the potential safety hazards are greatly reduced. The concept of environmental protection muck truck is redefined

as one of the necessary tools for highway logistics transportation, natural gas trucks are duty bound to contribute to the construction goal of "beautiful China". As a leading enterprise of domestic new energy heavy trucks, Shaanxi Automobile has practiced its own society. The harmful gas emission of natural gas heavy trucks is also lower than that of diesel vehicles. Among them, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 90%, hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by 70%, and nitrogen and hydrogen emissions are reduced by 35%. According to Dr. Feng Xiaohai, a professional has calculated that a sky green natural gas heavy truck is equivalent to planting 84 trees for the society, which is of great social significance

at the site of the science and Technology Expo, the staff of Shaanxi Automobile introduced in detail to the customers and media present that more factories will be established in the future, introduced the latest situation of enterprises and products, and widely solicited the opinions and suggestions of guests to tap the information of potential users. The audience and staff who came to the booth to visit all carried out the car walkaround explanation of the exhibition car, allowing everyone to have a zero distance contact with Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck products. The atmosphere was hot and warm, and customers took a test drive of Shaanxi Automobile new products

the science and Technology Expo is the epitome of relying on scientific and technological forces to promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. It is a catalyst in the current dull market and a booster for market development. It has played an important role in promoting the market development of Shaanxi Automobile new energy heavy truck in Sichuan and even the whole country. At present, Shaanxi Automobile has entered a new stage of strategic transformation, exploring a road of independent innovation, economical development, win-win cooperation and scientific development, upgrading the value marketing strategy with the goal of 100 billion Shaanxi Automobile, taking customer demand as the guidance, accumulating positive energy and improving the environment as its own responsibility, and cultivating a "Chinese force" with international competitiveness and social responsibility

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