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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck yuanhongming: comprehensively surpass the development goals

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck yuanhongming: comprehensively surpass the development goals

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-- chairman yuan Hongming's speech at the 2017 business annual meeting of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck (Abstract)

respected leaders, guests, channel partners, friends in the financial sector, on-site staff comrades, brothers and sisters:

good morning! Today, we are here to solemnly hold the 2017 business conference, review the course of 2016, and look forward to the development of 2017 and the 13th five year plan. 2016 is an extraordinary year. With the joint efforts of all of you, we have achieved remarkable results, and the specific data will not be overemphasized. The achievements embody the hard work of all of you here today and more than 20000 employees of Shaanxi Automobile. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all partners, marketing officers and employees who have worked hard to promote the development of the enterprise in 2016! I also want to say to you: in 2016, everyone worked hard

today is December 16. It's a little rounded up. It's the end of the year and the beginning of the year. The weather outside has entered the deep winter. But today's meeting hall is full of enthusiasm and warmth from all parties. Everyone is also wearing Shaanxi Automobile's work clothes, and their hearts are even warmer. But today's gathering of old and new friends, I think it's not just for such a meeting, but to sit together and discuss our future dreams. What do we want to achieve? What are we going to do? What are we doing well? What aspects do we need to improve? I think this is the main purpose of the meeting

the time of today's meeting is very meaningful. It officially starts at 9:3. This 9:3 has three levels of deep meaning. The first "93" represents Shaanxi Automobile. Today is not a simple business meeting. Today we want to show you a good corporate image; The second "93" is the "93" military parade. The Shaanxi Automobile military vehicle has shown a first-class product image in front of the country and the world; The third "93" is our goal of selling 90000 vehicles according to the financial criteria determined in 2017, which ranks among the top three in the industry. Next, I will focus on three aspects:

first, why did Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck achieve excellent results in 2016

looking back on the development of the domestic heavy truck industry in 2016, the overall performance of the month was stable, and the industry showed significant growth in the fourth quarter. In August, when there was no major change in the industry, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck achieved very good performance with a growth rate twice that of the industry, and won the attention of the whole industry. In the fourth quarter, the production and sales volume doubled, and the growth rate was far higher than the industry average. We have been leading the growth of the industry since January, rather than performing well in the fourth quarter. In fact, when the market is good, we perform better! When the market is poor, we still perform well, especially in the fourth quarter. Shaanxi Auto has given full play to its comprehensive advantages in products and markets. Like a duck to water, it has excellent performance, and the growth rate of production and sales is far ahead in the industry! Why did you achieve such a remarkable result with a tolerance of 0.5mm? I summarized the following four aspects:

1 Our strategy is clearer. The recording you just heard was what I said at our cadre meeting at the end of last year. When formulating the 2016 plan last year, we also put forward a relatively high goal. This year, we not only completed it in an all-round way, but also overfulfilled it. The main reason is that our strategy is more clear. In August this year, I put forward the "123456" enterprise development concept, which further clarified the strategic objectives, business priorities and some basic requirements of enterprise development. Our strategy has become clearer with the changes of the market and the external environment. We have something to do and not to do. Both within the enterprise and all our partners, the direction is more clear, Actions are more consistent

2. Our products are more in line with market demand. In 2016, our products have achieved remarkable results in positive research and development. Every product we introduced to the market has caused strong repercussions in the industry. Whether it is trucks, tractors, dump trucks, new energy vehicles, every new product development has achieved great success. In 2016, the market demand was still 6% before September × Mainly 2, but after September, it is 6 × Mainly 4, actually from 6 × 2 to 6 × It takes less than 20 days for the transformation of 4. At this time, some enterprises fall behind because of inadequate product preparation, but we are not affected by these. What does it mean? It shows that our product research and development has changed from simple imitation to positive research and development centered on customer needs. We believe that 6 × 4 will bring more value to customers, so we made preparations in this regard in advance. Maybe we seized the opportunity, but the acquisition of this opportunity is not an accidental factor. I think it is the concentrated embodiment of the comprehensive strength of Shaanxi Automobile

3. Our market operation is more flexible. At first, everyone said that Shaanxi Automobile is not flexible enough, probably because we are a military enterprise and a state-owned enterprise, with more rules, but in 2016, we were very flexible in the market. In 2015, we proposed to intensively cultivate the market segment, and we achieved it in 2016. We have made great achievements in all aspects. Why is our market segment flexible? Because we have a more professional team and a more suitable team, which can put forward detailed product needs for market segments. Only professional and dedicated can we meet more needs. This more professional team and more professional research enable us to calmly respond to the different needs of the market. In 2016, we formulated flexible business policies in different regions and products, so that all partners can choose more suitable products and policies. At the same time, the overall solution we have advocated for many years has achieved great success in 2016. Now we have turned selling products into providing customers with a complete overall solution to maximize value in the whole product life cycle and the whole process of customer operation

4. We have a passionate team. Everyone says passion every year. What is passion? From the perspective of enterprises, I think passion is character and ability. Now our partners talk more about the market, products, services and solutions, unlike most of them complained in previous years. I had a meeting with all the dealers in Hebei. The meeting lasted until more than 12 p.m. and no one was sleepy. The discussion was very intense. I think this is passion. Why is passion character and ability? There can be no passion without character and ability. For example, if there is a problem with the product, you can't find the problem and solve the problem, then passion is out of the question. People with passion must first be capable. How can people who don't know anything and don't know anything be passionate about work? So ability is the most basic thing to support passion. For example, Wang Xiang, the project manager of Shaanxi Automobile truck, you can see that he is obsessed with trucks. He can say that he can clear trucks. He can say that he can clear the needs of trucks. At the same time, he dares to face problems, contradictions and challenges with our managers. This is passion, but he can't do such things without character and ability

second, the situation analysis of 2017

1 Domestic situation. From the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability delivered by the central economic work conference, China's economic development should remain stable as a whole next year. There are not many factors that will achieve substantial growth next year, but the factors that will achieve substantial decline are not obvious. So generally speaking, I think the economic situation next year will be relatively stable, making progress in stability

2. international situation. There are many uncertainties next year. From the perspective of the automotive industry, this uncertainty may be an opportunity for development. The United States proposed to revitalize the manufacturing industry, which may be an opportunity for us, because our market is not in the European and American regions, but in the vast developing regions, where we have sufficient competitive advantages. We should pay close attention to Southeast Asia and Africa, which have broad market demand

3. Industry situation. On the one hand, the long-term effect of regulations will appear next year, which will have a significant impact on the entire logistics industry, and may bring changes to the entire transportation market and product structure. On the other hand, the pressure of environmental protection will force all kinds of models used in cities to speed up the upgrading. The full implementation of national V and the implementation of national VI may be implemented in advance. This is our opportunity. Coupled with the impact of Internet, Internet may not produce value, but it will bring about the improvement of people's work efficiency, the change of people's working methods, and some new thinking changes. In this regard, I hope we can better combine, and never think that Internet is far away from us

looking at the operation results in 2016, our tractors have accounted for half of the proportion, and tractors are more closely related to consumption, and this consumption continues to improve with the improvement of people's living standards, so it is impossible for consumption to decline. In 2016, we have reduced the factors of heavy truck growth driven by investment to very small. Consumption upgrading and supply side structural reform will make the market more and more rational. I don't think there is much chance of a big increase or decrease in the industry. It is possible for 750000 to 800000 vehicles

third, what should we do in 2017

at the beginning, I talked about "93". I want to explain this "9" again. "9" means that the sales volume of our financial caliber in 2017 must exceed 90000, that is to say, all these 90000 vehicles must be paid back! "3" means entering the first tier of the industry, that is, entering the top three, but it does not mean that it is only the third. This is our goal for 2017. To achieve this goal, we must start from the following five aspects:

1 Implement the policy. Our work policy in 2017 is: "strategy implementation, innovation driven, seize the market and achieve transcendence". The previous "strategic landing, innovation driven and market grabbing" are all specific measures, and the final goal is called "achieving transcendence". You will certainly understand the connotation of "achieving transcendence", which I don't want to explain too much. Whether it's "strategic landing", or "innovation driven", or "seizing the market", we have made specific internal arrangements on how to reduce the friction coefficient of the electronic universal tensile machine. What I want to tell you today is that in order to achieve transcendence, we will provide sufficient ammunition and food for the entire channel, and will go all out to support the expansion of the entire market

2. Build confidence. Where does this confidence come from? First of all, our product series is now very complete, covering all products from medium and heavy trucks to special vehicles for heavy trucks, tractors, dump trucks and trucks. Unlike in previous years, we lack this and that. Now, no matter how the market changes, we have products to deal with. Secondly, the quality of our products is greatly improved, and the after-sales claims are greatly reduced. The products we put on the market this year are welcomed by customers

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