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Shaanxi Automobile Marketing officers and men said: let the flag of youth fly in the wind

Shaanxi Automobile Marketing officers and men said: let the flag of youth fly in the wind

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Qinghai, as a resource province that relies on mining areas to drive heavy truck sales, almost all mining areas stopped in 2014. Against this background, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck sales rose against the trend, and its market share increased by 10 percentage points year-on-year, Surpass major competitors at one fell swoop and gradually open the gap, especially natural gas products. Through a series of arduous tests, the bottleneck of the promotion of natural gas products on the plateau has been broken. The final fatigue life is a function of stress changes, sample geometry and experimental conditions, and a breakthrough has been achieved from scratch and from zero to 100

the topic also has to start with the product configuration test conducted by the natural gas test team in Kunlun mountain pass. Generally, the experiment can be ended at 2 a.m. and the staff can only go back to eat after they are busy. However, there are few restaurants in Golmud that do not close after midnight. There was a small restaurant with mutton noodles whose original ban on B1 grade thermal insulation materials was cancelled. Because the test group went to eat every day, the owner of the small restaurant and the test personnel became friends and extended the business hours every day, waiting for the arrival of the test group. Once, the experimenters who didn't finish their work until 4 a.m. came here hungry with the idea of trying, and found that the restaurant owner was cooking hot soup waiting for them. At that moment, both of them were moved! Until now, every time I go to Golmud, everyone will unconsciously go to this small restaurant, because the professionalism of Shaanxi Automobile people once flowed here and moved the people here

the first users to buy natural gas vehicles are the loyal users who have witnessed our tests again and again on the Kunlun mountain pass. "Back and forth, I have been to Kunlun Pass to witness your experiment. I have recognized your negative attitude and perseverance of Shaan auto. This time I will buy Shaan auto natural gas car!" This is the user's original words, but also the best return for all our efforts

in the face of every order, we never give up easily. In July last year, a cement plant invited tenders to purchase 20 tractors. As the most important major customer in Qinghai region, the late order potential is huge, but the real-time display of the water volume curve of the cement plant is demanding, "the door is difficult to enter, the face is ugly" is famous in the circle. In order to win this order, we visited nearly 20 times to persuade them to agree to Shaanxi Automobile to participate in the bidding. As the main competitive products are also fully prepared, although we have obtained the ticket to the bidding, we still face difficulties in winning the order. On August 12, after completing the bidding process, the manufacturers participating in the bidding will wait for the results to be announced at 9 a.m. the next day. That night, the board of directors of the company decided to purchase a competitive product. We learned the result in advance that night. Although we were prepared to lose the bid, we were inevitably frustrated after knowing the result. But it's not our style to give up easily. We must find a way to make the last effort before the announcement at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning

at 6 a.m., it was dawn. We had been waiting outside the deputy general manager's community responsible for the purchase, and arranged personnel to stand by at a famous time-honored mutton soup restaurant not far away. We have done our homework for a long time, and we know that he particularly likes to eat mutton soup of a time-honored brand nearby in the morning. However, due to tight working hours and too many people in this time-honored brand, he needs to queue all year round, and parking is very troublesome. The vice president often wants to eat but can't eat...

on the same day, the cement plant announced that 20 Shaanxi Auto tractors won the bid, and the competing manufacturers were surprised, but also left a mystery. So far, this cement plant is still one of the most important and solid partners of Shaanxi Automobile in Qinghai. Recently, Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. signed an agreement order for the cooperative development of dandelion rubber with Beijing University of chemical technology, which has become an epoch-making large order in Qinghai

at present, I have been transferred from Xining office to Xinjiang office, ready to meet greater challenges. Because he is young, he is not afraid of difficulties; Because I am young, I will follow the call of the company and let the flag of youth fly in the wind

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