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On the morning of January 23, Shaanxi Automobile Holding held a pre appointment collective anti-corruption conversation with newly hired (including post adjustment) directly under the leadership of cadres. Yuan Hongming, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, attended the meeting and made an important speech. The Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of the labor union of the company made a collective anti-corruption conversation with Yali and presided over the meeting

after the new cadres were praised by the majority of users as the production base of experimental machines, they had a collective honest and clean government conversation with Yali. She stressed that the purpose of the incorruptible government talk before the appointment of cadres is to improve the cadres' understanding of the importance of building a clean and honest government and enhance their awareness of incorruptible and diligent administration, and put forward four requirements: first, strengthen learning and comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality; Second, we should enhance awareness and conscientiously perform "one post with two responsibilities"; Third, we should improve the system construction and strengthen the executive power; Fourth, we should strengthen the awareness of self-discipline and cultivate positive character and sentiment

yuan Hongming pointed out that today's collective anti-corruption talk is not only a meeting for communication and heart to heart talk, but also a meeting to jointly discuss enterprise development and learn and implement the requirements of anti-corruption in China and the province. He fully affirmed the excellent performance of the newly recruited cadres in their original positions, and gave them high hopes for their work in their new positions. He stressed that this cadre adjustment is to fully consider the needs of enterprise development compared with the first four, and reflect the principle of appointing people on merit and making cadres younger. He hoped to cultivate an excellent cadre team, inherit the spirit of Shaanxi Automobile and realize the dream of Shaanxi Automobile

yuan Hongming pointed out that the company's nine requirements for cadres are in line with the current needs of enterprise development and cadre management, requiring everyone to seriously study, understand and practice. Based on his own growth experience, he gave seven important instructions to the participating Cadres: first, we should adjust our mentality, learn to communicate, accumulate management experience, and adapt to the role transformation as soon as possible; Second, don't forget your major, strengthen your study, and grow into a cadre who understands the management of professional associations; Third, we should do a good job in adjusting the working methods of new posts, adhere to the principle of democratic centralism, and resolutely implement more information about the latest meeting of this year. Please contact: collective resolution; Fourth, we should keep in line with the enterprise strategy, carry out work in a down-to-earth manner, and promote the implementation and effectiveness of the enterprise strategy; Fifth, we should be honest and self disciplined, pay attention to the exertion of personal ability and role, and realize personal value in the development of enterprises; Sixth, we should always maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in ideology and action, be cautious in words and deeds, and carry forward positive energy; Seventh, based on the interests of the enterprise, we should strengthen communication with all levels, seek common ground while reserving differences, and maintain unity

Tong Yali concluded that Chairman yuan's speech was earnest and heartfelt, and from a strategic height, encouraging new cadres to shoulder heavy responsibilities and work hard. The participating cadres are required to carefully study the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the company's strategy in combination with the nine requirements of cadres, and earnestly implement them in practical work; We should arrange and deploy the work in 2018 and do a good job before the Spring Festival; In the new position, around the enterprise development and the "123456" dual concept, love the job, work passionately, work hard and take the lead, and make new contributions to the enterprise to challenge itself and move towards the high end with a good style

in combination with the content of the conversation, 10 new cadres talked freely about their feelings about their posts and made a commitment to integrity at the meeting. Heads of the Organization Department of the Party committee, discipline inspection and supervision office, human resources department and other relevant departments attended the meeting

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