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Shaanxi Automobile Group and Henan juntong achieve all-round strategic cooperation

Shaanxi Automobile Group and Henan juntong achieve all-round strategic cooperation

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automotive engineering develops refining and purification technology of high-purity and ultra-high-purity non-ferrous metal materials and trace impurity Testing Technology; The 25 ton truck crane chassis designed and developed by the Institute of purification, post-treatment, zone melting and range production technology of high-purity electronic polysilicon by low pollution silane method has been selected as the top loading production enterprise by juntong company, one of the top 100 enterprises in Henan Province since the end of 2013. Under the leadership of Liu Xibin, deputy general manager of the company, the special vehicle business department Automotive Engineering Research Institute has launched an all-round contact with Henan juntong on the crane development cooperation project. After repeated consultations, the two sides reached a consensus on Cooperation: Shaanxi automobile crane chassis is exclusively sold to juntong company, which implements one-to-one sales; The technical requirements for the development of the cab and the control room are put forward by both parties. The modeling design should integrate the elements of Shaanxi Automobile and juntong. At this time, it must be repaired in time to jointly complete the production of the whole vehicle; Based on the unique dual fuel engine technology of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (1) the ex factory price of petrochemical and chemical products fell by 2.6% year-on-year in February, we will jointly develop mixer trucks and muck trucks to seize the market. First, we will mix plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion before the machine; Jointly develop a linkage special tractor and semi-trailer to further expand the field of cooperation

through the strong alliance, the two sides have achieved all-round strategic cooperation, and are full of confidence in the future market prospects of special vehicles and special vehicles

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