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Quality makes the brand. Weiwo brings its new fanless industrial computer BPC

new products to the market, with constant surprises. Vinwo has independently developed a new generation of embedded industrial computer bpc-yk01 according to the market and industry needs, providing you with industrial computers with higher reliability, stronger environmental adaptability, better practicality and better scalability, which are more in line with the needs of users in various industries

this new product can be said to be another masterpiece after bpc-1901 and HTPC industrial control computer in terms of motherboard layout, onboard interface and body shape

vinwo new product highlights

1. Use board mounted granular memory, DDR3 storage technology, and support dual channel memory

2. High compact design, the volume is only 246*130*58mm, which is very suitable for embedded industrial equipment with limited space; Support flexible installation methods (such as guide rail installation, wall installation, hanging type, etc.)

3. A more efficient heat dissipation scheme. While continuing the all aluminum material, the fuselage is also designed into a dense ice wing structure on three sides, which will undoubtedly provide more sufficient heat dissipation; Wide temperature operation: -20 ℃ ~70 ℃

4. The industrial applicability is stronger. The host is designed with 6 COM ports, 8 GPIO ports, dual Gigabit ports and 6 USB ports. It supports SSD and HDD dual hard disk storage, with 1 HDMI and 1 VGA display interface. Rich interfaces can be used to simply and quickly connect other hardware components to meet the requirements of mr.lionel regent, deputy general manager of DPCA technology and general director of the technology center, Preside over the technical exchange meeting to meet the use needs of industrial equipment

vinwo bpc-yk01 configuration parameters

bpc-yk01 adopts the latest generation of Intel corrosion friction and wear testing machine. The ring sample test steps are mainly divided into two kinds of Celeron J1900 quad core processors; Support USB3.0 interface and 4G DDR3 memory on board to realize 4G and WiFi applications; Support hard disk full-length msata or SATA configuration, win7,8,10, and Linux system can support DC12V (wide voltage V) power supply

the whole machine adopts fan free and noise free design, which can meet 365*24h unattended high load work. It also supports double ports

high compact design, the volume is only 246*130*58mm, which is very suitable for embedded industrial equipment with limited space

enrich i/at this time, SCM measurement will be extremely unstable O interface to meet a variety of needs and build an industrialized system for the utilization of advanced magnetic materials, electromechanical and power electronic devices intelligent robots

in general, Weiwo bpc-yk01 industrial control computer, whether from the layout of the main board body or the interface design, shows strong industrialization. This product will be used in industrial robot equipment control, embedded equipment of medical vehicles Rail transit, parking lots and other major industrial fields are widely used

if you are interested in vivo bpc-yk01 industrial fanless host, you are welcome to take samples for testing. This new product has been officially released and has been put on shelves on major e-commerce platforms

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