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Quality monitoring: the quality problems of coatings and adhesives in Changchun market are prominent.

on November 4, according to the measures for commodity quality monitoring in the circulation field issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the 2010 non food commodity quality monitoring plan issued by the Jilin Provincial Administration for industry and commerce, in the third quarter of 2010, Changchun Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce entrusted Changchun Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, The swing rod of the convection leading impact testing machine monitored the quality of plate goods in the non vertical marking area. 51 batches of electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal material testing machine were tested, and 35 batches were determined to be unqualified after preliminary inspection

Boni Testing Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was entrusted to monitor the quality of coatings and adhesives in the circulation field. 50 batches of coatings and adhesives were tested, and 4 batches were determined to be unqualified after preliminary inspection. Among them, the formaldehyde emission of blockboard in board goods exceeded the standard seriously, and some batches of blockboard of nature, huaxialong brand, Fuhua, Lawrence and other brands failed to pass the inspection. Soluble lead in coatings and adhesives exceeded the standard, and some batches of products from brands such as Hengjiu and Yuyou failed to pass the sampling inspection

the experimental data can be stored according to the requirements of Changchun Administration for Industry and commerce. From the date of publication, the relevant operators should stop selling unqualified plates according to the published monitoring information. The Administration for Industry and commerce under its jurisdiction shall organize an inventory of unqualified plates that affect the surface molding of composite materials in the market and deal with them according to law

the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce reminds consumers to check the product logo and choose qualified products produced by well-known enterprises when purchasing goods

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