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"Quality consumption and a better life" in response to the annual theme of the consumers' Association, the China National Decoration Association made a 315 commitment

"quality consumption and a better life" in response to the annual theme of the consumers' Association, the China National Decoration Association made a 315 commitment

March 16, 2018

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at the 315 international consumer protection day, the China Architectural Decoration Association actively responded to the annual theme of the "quality consumption and a better life" of the China Consumers' Association, We solemnly promise to promote the quality improvement of the industry and comprehensively carry out the activity of "quality home and a better life". Hu Yanan, Secretary General of the housing parts industry branch of China Decoration Association, made a commitment on behalf of the home building materials industry, which reflects the importance of housing parts to consumers and the attention of the society to this industry

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Hu Yanan said that as one of the fastest-growing consumer goods in recent years, home decoration products are an important carrier for the upgrading of consumption structure and are closely related to people's lives. In order to achieve "quality home and a better life", China Architectural Decoration Association and its core members have made corresponding commitments in six aspects: standardized production, systematic testing, strengthening the quality certification platform, and improving user experience. For example, you may not have heard of polylactic acid in response to the problems that consumers are concerned about, such as the non-standard installation of household products and the difficulty of after-sales service. The China Architectural Decoration Association requires member enterprises to express the installation requirements and after-sales service of various non-standard products, and bear the costs and related impacts arising therefrom. Make clear prompts for the installation and after-sales of products sold through e-commerce channels, so as to prevent consumers from shopping easily, installation difficult and after-sales without guarantee

on the basis of responding to the theme of the Chinese consumers' Association and the commitment of the China Architectural Decoration Association, red star Macalline, as a representative of enterprises in the industry, made further commitments in terms of no reason to return goods within 30 days, compensation in advance, delivery and installation, why such a small and lovely flower has so much energy to break through the 'hard ground' and reach the time, and publicized the commitment content in physical stores and official stations

the China Consumer Association welcomes more industries and enterprises to participate in similar commitment activities to continuously improve the quality of products and services, so that consumers can gradually realize the needs of a better life in a safe and secure consumption environment

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