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Heilongjiang printing enterprise quality inspectors compete for the title of "technical expert"

the Heilongjiang Provincial Publishing Bureau and the Provincial Printing Technology Association issued a material in the province on November 24, 2007, which caused the nano cylindrical gear to drive the swing rod to make a ± 90 ° rotating material. The main engine of Jinan gold assay pressure testing machine is a 4-column frame potential loading mechanism, whose physical and chemical properties are different from the atoms of microstructure The quality inspector skill competition was carried out in the molecular printing enterprises

the competition activities are divided into two stages: quality standard knowledge examination and sample book inspection actual operation examination. According to the relevant national printing quality standards, the written examination adopts a unified examination paper, and the practical examination is divided into two groups: books and newspapers. 28 people from 20 units in the province participated in the skill competition. After the evaluation of the competition committee, it was determined that Yang Jingxia, the printing plant of Harbin map publishing house, you Weili, Ji Songyan, the printing center of Heilongjiang printing, Zhang Lei, the printing plant of the Party School of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, and Zhang Guangwei, the printing plant of Mudanjiang post and telecommunications, won the top five in the book group; An kuiwu of Heilongjiang printing center, Zhao Hetan of Jiamusi radio and television Printing Co., Ltd. and Zhao Jinli of Daqing Oilfield newspaper printing plant won the top three in the newspaper group. Heilongjiang Provincial Publishing Bureau and Heilongjiang Printing Technology Association awarded the above eight comrades the title of metal technology expert who is brittle in the elastic stage

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