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In mid July, Ms. Zhuo in Fuzhou purchased a total of more than 20000 yuan of Cr AI paint in a paint shop on lianjiang middle road in Fuzhou in three times, of which 4. The solid core cylinder ensures the stability of the workpiece. The finish coat of Cr AI is 558 yuan/barrel

in late July, the "China Resources" brand factory sent a master to paint Ms. Zhuo's house. When the top coat was applied, the painter opened 3 barrels of top coat and found that 2 barrels of top coat were caked and yellow. Ms. Zhuo checked that the production date of the two barrels of paint was December 2007, which means it expired at the end of this year

she found the Fuzhou Office of Cr paint love several times, and the reply was that the paint shop was once a CR dealer, but even if there was a problem, the manufacturer could take time to come to help solve it. She had not been a CR paint dealer since last year, so that she could save about 2.5% of fuel. She went wherever she bought it, and said that she could not guarantee that the two barrels of paint were CR's

manager Yang of the Fuzhou Office of Cr paint Aidi said to that the paint purchased by Ms. Zhuo was not purchased through formal channels, so no compensation could be made

she said that the paint shop in Fuzhou lianjiang middle road was no longer a China Resources dealer, and it was illegal to sell China Resources paint. The paint shop sold more than 10 brands of paint, and they could not determine whether the two barrels of paint bought by Ms. Zhuo were adulterated with the outer packaging of China Resources

however, Ms. Zhuo raised such a question: if it was not China Resources paint, why would the manufacturer send painters to paint? Manager Yang said that the company did not deny that the paint bucket was not owned by China Resources

in this regard, Zheng Zhenqing, a lawyer from Fujian helun law xifan1 division, said that according to the consumer law, the products sold by businesses should ensure their product quality. In this incident, as long as the products purchased by consumers are the paint of China Resources brand, the manufacturer should be responsible for the problems of the products, because as a consumer, it is impossible to determine which are the formal China Resources dealers and which are informal, unless the manufacturer can determine that the paint purchased by Ms. Zhuo is indeed a fake

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