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"Quality at heart, public welfare at work", Sailun is committed to the world children's cancer treatment charity

"quality at heart, public welfare at work", Sailun is committed to the world children's cancer treatment charity

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August 24, The charity donation ceremony and press conference of "quality at heart, public welfare at work" focusing on the world's children's cancer treatment, hosted by the race round and WCC world children's cancer charity (hereinafter referred to as WCC), was held at Emmy Hotel, such as Qingdao wind energy R & F Data Report printing. Ji Changkun, general manager of Sailun international, Jon Rosser, CEO of WCC, Adam O'Kane, project director of WCC, Zhou Shengyun, deputy general manager of Sailun international, and Yin Zhimin, director of marketing department of Sailun strategic center attended the donation ceremony

at the donation ceremony, Ji Changkun, general manager of round international, donated 50000 euros to WCC world children's cancer charity for the world's children's cancer treatment

it is understood that more than 300000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the world, and about tens of thousands of children die of cancer. Cancer has become the number one cause of death for children. In developed countries, more than 80% of children with cancer can survive. However, China is still known as the "world factory". In less developed countries, the survival rate of children with cancer is as low as 10%. WCC helps improve the survival rate of cancer children in less developed countries by partnering hospitals in developed countries with hospitals in less developed countries

as the only tire cooperative enterprise of WCC in the world, Sailun launched a large-scale fund-raising initiative in Europe for the first time in 2015, raising more than 100000 euros. It called on the whole society to pay attention to and support the treatment of cancer children with actions

At the press conference, Mr. jichangkun, general manager of Sailun international, said: the survival and development of enterprises depend on the healthy development of society. Enterprises should apply the results of business operations to repay the society with corresponding fixture meetings according to different testing requirements. In recent years, WCC has made remarkable achievements in helping underdeveloped areas improve the medical level of childhood cancer and improve the cure rate. In the future, Sailun will continue to work together with WCC to contribute to the cause of children's anti-cancer, help more children suffering from illness get timely and effective treatment, and bring more love and care

in his speech, Mr. Jon Rosser, CEO of WCC, first expressed his gratitude for the generous donation of the race round company, and praised the large-scale fund-raising initiative launched by the 2015 race round in Europe. The donations raised have saved the lives of many cancer children. Today, he is delighted to receive another donation from the race round, which will bring hope for the survival of many cancer children

be enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and highlight the society. Over the years, while providing global users with high-quality tire products, Sailun company has actively fulfilled the social responsibility, and has donated money to the Ya'an earthquake stricken areas, Qingdao Charity Federation and local schools, and outstanding students of Vietnam sundesh University. In September 2017, Sailun set up a charity foundation to carry out social charity activities such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, medical rescue and student assistance. This time, it joined hands with WCC again to devote itself to the charity of world children's cancer treatment, which is another practical action and selfless dedication of Sailun in the field of public welfare. In the future, while accelerating its own development, the round will continue to actively fulfill the social responsibility and give back to the society

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