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They will face Dongguan's major pillar industries to collect targeted demand information for new special metal materials

the quality management system has opened a mountain for printing informatization

after China's accession to the WTO, the protected field of book publishing and printing distribution has gradually merged into the fierce and cruel market competition. Every printing factory, regardless of its nature and scale, faces the same opportunities and difficulties. In order to adapt to the strong market competition, the domestic printing industry has introduced advanced equipment, management experience and excellent management talents from developed industrial countries to reform the enterprise system and adjust the business scope. All this has greatly improved the production level and scale of printing enterprises, but there is still a distance compared with their counterparts in developed countries. In addition, with the rapid rise of printing enterprises in recent years, facing fierce and cruel market competition, enterprises rely on these is far from enough. Now, more and more printing enterprise managers gradually realize that the IS09000 quality management system certification is an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and meet the needs of the progress of the times

among many certified printing enterprises, the quality of printing products, work efficiency and the comprehensive quality of employees have been improved, the production cost has been reduced, the management of enterprises has been improved, and the competitiveness of enterprises in the market has been greatly improved. With the development of enterprise scale and the improvement of management level, what should these enterprises do next? Through the investigation of enterprises that have passed the quality system certification, it is found that the development of enterprise management is endless, and information digital management is the inevitable trend of enterprise development. Some of these enterprises have begun to implement ERP management system or enterprise management information system and other digital management work (such as Heilongjiang agency printing center, Gansu printing center, Lanzhou Xinhua printing factory, etc.). Facts have proved that the establishment and effective implementation of a documented quality management system can indeed standardize, institutionalize and digitize the work of enterprises, which is an important aspect of the realization of management information system in enterprises. The quality management system has opened the way and laid the foundation for the construction of enterprise informatization

enterprise standardization is an important part of enterprise scientific management, an effective means of organizing modern production, and also a comprehensive basic work of enterprises. The production of modern enterprises is a complex organic whole, which involves many fields such as production, technology, management, sales and service. All the work of foreign enterprises is centered on improving product quality, reducing labor consumption and material consumption, based on the same drilling materials and improving enterprise profits. They regard the enterprise standard as the "constitution" of the enterprise and the "life" of the enterprise. All activities of the enterprise are brought into the standardization track, everything is standardized, and everything is standardized. These are worthy of our regular cleaning and reference when using it

is09000 standards are developed with the emergence and development of modern industrial technology and management. They are a set of advanced and scientific management standards based on the advanced experience, quality assurance and achievements of quality management in industrialized countries. IS09000 is a series of standards for quality management and quality assurance that are commonly used all over the world, but the printing industry itself has some product standards and technical standards. Only the combination of IS09000 standards, product standards and technical standards can further improve the management level and product quality of enterprises. Enterprises need standardized management, but also need IS09000 quality management certification

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