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Quality management is the core competitiveness of call center

modern call center is a multifunctional and comprehensive service system integrating voice technology, call system integration technology and intelligent information processing technology. It is the expansion and extension of communication service business; It is a golden bridge for the business community to improve the modern customer relationship management system, expand the market and communicate with customers

at present, call centers are developing rapidly in the fields of computer, banking, insurance, finance and business services in China. It has become a dark horse out of the runway in the development process of modern telecommunications technology, and an effective way to create efficiency and increase income

however, quite a number of call centers still have a one-sided understanding of the service functions of call centers. It is thought that as long as a call center has digital program-controlled switch, server terminal, automatic call distribution system, computer voice integration system, and enough manual seats, these hardware can meet the requirements of customers. The important position and role of services in call centers are not taken into account. Some call centers don't know how to carry out value-added quality management, resulting in all kinds of confusion. Therefore, strengthening the quality management of call centers has become an important work and core content to improve the competitiveness of call centers

American marketing expert Leavitt pointed out that industry is a process of customer satisfaction, not a process of product manufacturing. Especially in the service-oriented and service-oriented industries like call centers. Service itself is not only an extension and extension of management. Or the accumulation of brand capital; The promotion of brand value; The perfection of brand connotation; Brand image reconstruction. Only by serving customers comprehensively and in the whole process, can we obtain the recognition and satisfaction of customers, and optimize the performance through the maximization of their services

what links should be grasped to improve the service quality of call centers

I. determine clear quality policies and quality objectives

an enterprise or unit must have a clear quality policy. This policy is a program for doing a good job in quality work. Under the guidance of the quality policy, clear quality objectives should be determined. This goal should be operable, decomposable and measurable

second, carry out service specification planning

as an organization, the call center should divide posts according to the requirements of the quality policy. And determine the job responsibilities and normative job requirements accordingly. These requirements should be able to ensure the completion and Realization of the quality policy and quality objectives established by the organization

for departments and posts with strong technology in planning, operation instructions should be provided. For normative requirements and regulations, procedural documents should be formulated to standardize and be well known

III. process control management

the service process of the call center has both controllable and uncontrollable parts. The control of controllable part should determine clear key control points. Control according to the requirements of the service specification. This kind of control should be the control during the service process, rather than the simple post playback control based on recording. Some software that can only record and playback can only reproduce the production process of customer service representatives in the code for design of automatic fire alarm system GB 50116 (9) 8, which can not meet the requirements of the call center for the actual minimum dew point temperature of 5 ~ 7 ℃. Lenovo call center realizes the comprehensive monitoring of the production process of customer service representatives by using the screen capture system. It can not only record the whole call process, but also synchronously record the whole process of computer operation of service personnel. This will help improve the operation and management level of the call center. However, it also failed to fundamentally meet the control requirements of the call center for special processes

the difficulty of call center control lies in the control of special processes in the service. The uncontrollable part is the special process of the call center, and it is also the most important production and service process that affects the accuracy and is the most difficult to control. As the main body of the service, the consultants or customer representatives in the call center are using voice, language, knowledge and wisdom to serve the object receiving the service, and create wealth in this service. This kind of service is restricted by the voice, knowledge, temperament, reflection ability, expression ability, speaking speed and other aspects of the service personnel. Therefore, it is difficult to control the service process of uncontrollable parts

the key here is to find the common connotation of services from this uncontrollable factor. The requirement and control of homogenization of this part of common connotation. Generally speaking, this should include: the number of rings, connection speed, polite language, response processing status, the degree of care for customers and the quality of answering questions

customers with special requirements should be provided with personalized services. Personalized services should be encouraged to show characteristics, and should not be a reason for being fined

4. Measure customer satisfaction

relevant statistics and research abroad show that the performance of call centers is in direct proportion to customer loyalty. The situation of call center service is measured by customer satisfaction. There are four methods to measure customer satisfaction:

1, key measurement method

key measurement method is to measure the service satisfaction after the end of each call service through key setting. Carry out comprehensive statistical analysis on the data of a month or a quarter respectively, and then print forms or use computers to automatically generate comprehensive statistical charts and comparative statistical charts for measurement and analysis

2. Active consultation method

active consultation method is a characteristic service method of active service and consciously listening to opinions. For example, some foreign call centers designed a standardized phrase at the end of reply and response: Sir, are you still satisfied with my service? What comments can I make. Thank you

3, sampling feedback method

market sampling is a method to measure the service quality of call centers by using the feedback information obtained from market surveys. There are three channels for sampling. The first is to use the station for on-site investigation. The second is to send a fax to investigate. The third is to entrust social survey companies to conduct field surveys. The results of the investigation will not only become strong evidence of the service situation of the call center, but also become the basis for the call center to standardize services and improve management

4. Interactive communication method

the measurement of the satisfaction of calling customers can specify a certain time for relevant personnel to conduct customer follow-up visits respectively, on the one hand to solicit opinions, on the other hand to exchange and communicate. This kind of interactive communication and communication can often get good results. The situation and opinions of interactive exchanges should be recorded and recorded

formula: v. continuous improvement

the improvement of service work is a process of continuous improvement. Therefore, every call center should determine clear goals and directions for continuous improvement. We should pay attention to the following links

1. Improvement after monitoring

many call centers are monitoring services. This monitoring itself is a measurement of the service process. However, a considerable number of service monitoring did not play its due role. They either listen without asking, or listen without penalty. In fact, the essence of monitoring is to find out the deficiencies of the specification requirements and the problems in process control; And the common problems of lack and inadaptability in services. For improvement

2. Improvement after analysis

because call centers generally provide a large number of statistical data for analysis. Therefore, an objective analysis of these data has become a goal and direction of continuous improvement. Generally speaking, this analysis can include the following contents

1). Analysis of call loss rate

after a customer connects a call, it is called call loss if it actively hangs up due to too long queuing time or other reasons. The ratio of the number of incoming calls lost to the total number of incoming calls connected is the incoming call loss rate. The analysis of call loss rate is an important potential value-added analysis

in the analysis, the comparative analysis of target control values should be carried out first. Generally speaking, each call center should determine a control index of call loss rate. If the analysis is lower than the control index determined by the quality objective, we should find ways to improve the work to reduce the index; If the call loss rate in the analysis has exceeded the control target, the whole staff and whole process analysis should be carried out. Including human resources, information technology and daily management supervision. The main management should review which part of the operation process has problems according to the analysis, and take corresponding improvement measures

2). Average queuing time analysis

this data is the time that the calling customer waits for the customer service representative to answer. Too long queuing time will affect customer satisfaction, while too short queuing time means that the equipment capacity is too large or there are too many service representatives, and the resources are not fully and effectively utilized. Therefore. According to this analysis, the call center supervisor should make adaptive adjustments and regulations

3), average response speed analysis

this data is obtained by dividing the total queuing time in a certain period of time by the total number of responses. Usually, the data can be obtained directly from ACD and a trend chart can be drawn for analysis. This data value is too high, which often indicates that the transaction processing time after the customer service representative answers is not effectively controlled, the customer service representative is lack of preparation for incoming power, or the customer service representative does not control the response speed according to the standard service requirements

a problem that needs to be noticed here is that the reasonable service time for personalized service should be removed when conducting this kind of analysis

4). Value added service analysis

service value-added is the inevitable requirement of continuous improvement. It is also the focus of modern call centers to open up revenue generating points. Value added analysis is an active analysis, which is an assessment of the early development of the telephone service market. Through service value-added analysis, we can not only further improve the image of the call center, but also obtain more business opportunities and customer resources. Comprehensive statistical techniques or analysis of variance can be used. Through analysis and follow-up, we gradually establish our own brand-new call customer base

in a word, the quality management of call center is a whole process, comprehensive, dynamic and continuous improvement management. Customer focus is a red line that runs through the whole process of management. As long as we conscientiously and unremittingly improve the quality management system of the call center, pay attention to the talent training of the call center, the improvement of the concept of service culture and performance evaluation, we will certainly be able to make the call center better

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