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Quality city: Greening during the day and lighting at night

If a city has taste, it has quality of life and development. This is not only the need of people for living environment, but also the construction of development environment. The greening and lighting of a city reflects the beauty and texture of the city. Seeing greening during the day and lighting at night should become an important yardstick of a quality city

greening makes the City show vitality and vigor. Trees are the vitality of a city, the scenery of a city, and the beauty and temperament of a city. Green plants can purify the air, conserve water resources, regulate the climate, form a regulatory biosphere that is compatible with the market, and let people live in harmony with nature and complement each other. Greening promotes the livable level, and only livable can be suitable for business. In the context of high-quality development, greening is an important aspect of business environment and even urban competitiveness. Planting trees in spring is a big battle in the city every year. This battle has been completed, and most of the greening tasks of the whole year have been completed. We should make systematic arrangements, take measures according to local conditions, carry out greening actions, and plant well. 3. When the temperature of the tested sample is higher than 100 ° C, stop using this equipment to measure trees and plant more trees, and create a national forest city with high standards and quality, so that the city is green and full of vitality

lighting adds flexibility and style to the city. Lighting is the embodiment of the city's image and strength. Bright lights are the necessary elements for the modern city to achieve the goal of high efficiency, low resistance and long life of the current project products. Lighting makes people's livelihood more warm. Lighting streets and alleys not only facilitates citizens to travel at night, but also improves their sense of travel security. Lighting up project is a popular project as well as a development project. The lifestyle of modern people is busier during the day and more leisure consumption at night. The more developed the nightlife and luminous economy are, the more prosperous the city is and the better the development is. The key to the development of tourism industry is to leave people overnight. The style and temperament of urban lighting are naturally very important. During the "double festival" period, the city is decorated with bright lights, red lanterns, beautiful Chinese knots, and bright street trees, which make the new year's flavor stronger, the city more delicious, and the citizens pleasing to the eye. Citizens have a sense of belonging and pride in the city, and outsiders will also yearn for the city. The lighting of the city should continue to be improved and improved. The road view, bridge view and river view are everywhere, so that the beauty of the city is no longer survival in the cracks

everyone is responsible for beautifying the city. The city is divided into three parts and seven parts. Citizens are not only beneficiaries of urban quality, but also builders and defenders. We should love this city as we love our own eyes, starting from small things, bit by bit, and being civilized citizens. A piece of paper and a bag of garbage are all used to test the degree of civilization. Stopping at the red light, going at the green light, driving in a civilized way, taking the bus in an orderly manner, and crossing the zebra crossing are all scenic spots and civilized lines of the city. Building a city is the efforts of generations. We should take care of the city like a home. People are civilized, and cities are naturally civilized. Let's take care of Tongchuan - our common home, facing the dawn of the new era, stepping in the footsteps of the new era, and looking forward to a better new life

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