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The seventh skill competition of mountain reconstruction machine was held on November, the seventh skill competition of mountain reconstruction machine was held. This skill competition consists of nine competitions, namely, component assembly, whole machine maintenance, welding, painting, forklift, sorting, driving, whole machine inspection and part inspection. 96 contestants from Shan reconstruction Machinery Co., Ltd. and outsourcing factories participated in the competition

contest kick-off meeting

the skill contest, with a 70 l material tank and a mixing head for liquid lay down resin infiltration process, serves as an important platform for employees' skill improvement. It aims to encourage employees to base themselves on their posts, study their business, improve their skills, and provide a stage for the development of professional skills and talents. Since the activity was launched in 2010, it has become an effective platform for employees to improve their skills. The majority of employees have used this platform to train their skills, learn and improve, and a number of high-quality talents have emerged, and have repeatedly achieved good results in provincial and urban competitions

theory test site

during the competition, the contestants made great efforts to give play to their skills and expertise, respect their opponents and referees, show their style and achievements, and show a good mental outlook and indomitable spirit

skill competition site

rigorous and serious

when it's time to take the shot

after fierce competition, 9 players including guodeshun won the first prize, 17 players including liuguangdong won the second prize, and 23 players including Su Zhiqiang won the third prize

In the closing speech of the skill contest, Wang Fei, general manager of shanre reconstruction machine, pointed out that this skill contest closely followed the needs of the company's production situation, built a good platform for employees to improve their skills and show their skills, and achieved complete success

at the competition site


Wang Fei stressed that Wang Xianmu, senior development manager of the polyurethane department, introduced in detail that the company was in a critical period of reform and development before the use of polyurethane in pipeline insulation. According to the market feedback in January, it is expected that the excavator market may show signs of "warming up" next year, and a high-quality skilled talent team is particularly needed in the critical period. The next step is to further enhance the quality of the front-line skilled talent team, vigorously promote the "craftsman spirit" of excellence, preciseness, dedication, professionalism, and innovation, create a good cultural atmosphere of valuing and respecting artisans, vigorously cultivate the craftsman talents of the mountain reconstruction machine, and create a high-quality product of the mountain reconstruction machine. (this article comes from the mountain reconstruction machine)

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