The 6th China Beijing International Mining Exhibit

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The 6th China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition

the 6th China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition

China Construction Machinery Information

welcome to the first China Mining Exhibition - cime2019

the fourth China foreign mining technology and equipment development forum

exhibition/forum/trade negotiation/supply and demand connection will be held at the same time to create new business opportunities in cime2019

time: may 29-may 31, 2019

location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

sponsor: China Metallurgical Mining Enterprises Association support unit: Changsha Mining Research Institute

Ma'anshan Mining Research Institute of China Nonferrous Metals Society

China Equipment Management Association Luoyang mining machinery engineering design and Research Institute

Beijing Haiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing mining and Metallurgical Technology Group Co., Ltd.

specially invited institutions/enterprises

Australian mining association and American Mining Association Mining Association of Canada, mining association of Brazil, mining association of Chile, mining association of Russia, mining Committee of ASEAN, mining Federation of India, mining association of India, Vale, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Anglo American resources, China Minmetals Corporation, China Aluminum Corporation, China Nonferrous Mining Corporation, China Gold Corporation, Angang Steel Mining Corporation, Pangang Mining Corporation, Sinosteel Mining Corporation, Shougang Mining Corporation Company

western mining company Shandong Zhaojin mining industry Benxi Iron and steel mining company Baotou Iron and steel mining company

specially invited visitors sources

20 domestic government authorities and industry associations - from iron ore, non-ferrous metal mines, gold mines, rare earth mines, manganese mines, non-metallic mines, chemical mines, cement mines, coal mines...

nearly 3000 professional merchants from more than 30 countries - from Russia, Mongolia Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, the United States...

more than 300 mining design institutes and mining engineering contractors - Beijing mining and Metallurgy Institute, Changsha Mining Research Institute, Sinosteel Malaysia Mining Institute, China Metallurgical Group, China ENFI, China Nonferrous Metals Construction Co., Ltd., China Ruilin, Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute Hanxing mining and Metallurgy Institute, Anshan Metallurgical Institute, MCC north, MCC Changtian, MCC Jingcheng, SMCC construction, Changchun Gold Research Institute, Kunming Nonferrous Metals Institute, Changsha Mining and Metallurgy Institute...

more than 1000 mining development enterprises vale, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Anglo American resources, Xstrata, Chinalco, China nonferrous metals mining, China Minmetals, China Gold Group, Zijin mining, western mining, Jinchuan Group The orders of Shandong gold group and China's plastic extruder enterprises in Shandong have risen sharply. Zhaojin group, CITIC Manganese Mining Co., Ltd., Sinosteel Mining Co., Ltd., Angang Mining Co., Ltd., Pangang Mining Co., Ltd., WISCO Mining Co., Ltd., Shougang Mining Co., Ltd., Hebei Iron and Steel Mining Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron and Steel Mining Co., Ltd., Benxi Iron and Steel Mining Co., Ltd., Zhongchuan Mining Co., Ltd., Luzhong Metallurgical Mining Co., Ltd., Hainan Mining Co., Ltd...

1000 mining equipment suppliers caterpillar Komatsu, Liebherr, Hitachi construction machinery, Metso mining machinery, ottotai, Sandvik, ThyssenKrupp, Herrick, Golder international, SGS, Atlas Copco, Siemens, abb, Cummins, Weier mining, Yili magnet, CITIC Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, northern heavy industry, China first heavy industry, China second heavy industry Longji electromagnetic...

exhibition overview

the world-renowned China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition (cime) was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on June 6, 2018. The cime attracted more than 500 exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions, including China, Germany, the United States, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Finland, and attracted key enterprises vale, BHP Billiton, Leto, Minmetals Nonferrous Metals, Anshan Iron and steel mining, Zhaojin mining, Hebei Iron and steel mining, Shougang Mining, Huaxia Jianlong, Liebherr, tenova TAKRAF At the same time, nomet, Atlas, Metso counting devices automatically count mining machines, weir mining, Ge, Mitsubishi Electric, XCMG, Liugong group, Sinomach heavy industry, Huadian heavy industry, Shenyang Longji, Tangshan Lukai and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The holding of the exhibition has attracted high attention and wide recognition in the industry. Cime is jointly organized by China Metallurgical and mining enterprises association, China Nonferrous Metals Society and Beijing Haiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd. with the purpose of promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the mineral industry and building a platform for economic and trade cooperation and technical exchange in the mineral field. After years of development, cime has become a wind vane for the development of mining industry at home and abroad, and an indispensable international exchange platform in the industry

inherit China's creation, help 2025, meet the golden age of made in China, actively promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and create new development opportunities for enterprises. The new cime will continue to be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on May, 2019. On the basis of previous exhibitions, cime will continue to adhere to the principle of specialization, constantly improve the exhibition quality and service level, and strive for perfection, We will strive to offer wonderful exhibitions to exhibitors and visitors every year. The organizer has continuously strengthened and deepened cooperation with exhibitors to seek more market expansion, product sales and economic and trade cooperation opportunities for exhibitors. At the same time, the exhibition held the "Fourth China foreign mining technology and equipment development forum". At that time, the government, industry associations, experts and scholars, enterprise leaders and industry elites will be invited to gather together to analyze the development situation of the industry, explore new kinetic energy, explore innovative ideas and share the achievements of mining technology development in the new period. Cime2019 is re installed in Beijing again. Welcome to join us and jointly create new opportunities for global mining development

exhibition scope (the following enterprises are invited to register for the exhibition)

▼ image display of large mining enterprises, metal mineral products, non-metal mineral products, mineral products trade, mine planning, engineering design, construction and construction units, mineral rights trading, mineral rights investment and financing, government and industry institutions, etc

▼ geological (mine) exploration technology and equipment: geophysical exploration technology, geochemical exploration technology, aerial survey and remote sensing technology, surveying and mapping technology, geological data processing, mineral product analysis, laboratory instruments and meters

▼ mining technical equipment: mining equipment, drilling equipment, loading equipment, transportation equipment (excavators, loaders, underground mining vehicles, mining dump vehicles), lifting equipment, drilling blasting, construction machinery, etc

▼ mineral processing equipment: crushing equipment, screening equipment, mine grinding equipment, conveying equipment (hydraulic transmission equipment), etc

▼ beneficiation technical equipment: flotation equipment, magnetic separation equipment, gravity beneficiation equipment, electric separation equipment, classification equipment, concentration equipment, filtration equipment, beneficiation reagents and other mining chemicals

▼ mineral smelting technical equipment: hydrometallurgy, electrolytic smelting technical equipment, pyrometallurgy, high-temperature metallurgy technical equipment, etc

▼ mine safety equipment: mine emergency, rescue and rescue equipment; Mine explosion-proof and fire-fighting equipment; Safety protection and 90% high gloss; Safety monitoring equipment, etc

▼ mine environmental protection and energy saving equipment: tailings filling and treatment equipment; Mining pump valve; Mine waste and wastewater treatment; Ventilation and dust removal equipment; Digital mine, mining electrical, mine communication, mine logistics, etc

▼ other mining technologies, auxiliary mechanical equipment and related mining service institutions

◎ concurrent activities, high-end forums, product/press conferences

▼ Mining Development Forum: covering national mining policies, mineral exploration, international cooperation, sustainable development, comprehensive mine management and other fields

▼ China foreign mining technology and equipment development forum: committed to promoting the application of mining technology and equipment and improving China's mining technology

▼ iron ore industry chain Summit Forum: it is committed to building a platform for business exchange and win-win cooperation for customers in the iron ore industry chain

▼ the organizer will also arrange a number of exhibitors' technical exchange meetings, products and press conferences. Exhibitors are welcome to apply for holding them with their own themes

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