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The 7th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition 2018 was held in September

(Liu Jing) the 7th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "Lijia Wuhan Exhibition") will be held in hall b1-b5 of Wuhan International Expo Center from September 6 to 9

with the theme of "intelligent manufacturing, connectivity", this exhibition comprehensively displays advanced intelligent manufacturing technologies, equipment and solutions, aiming to help industries communicate with each other, lead industrial transformation and upgrading, and boost the application of advanced manufacturing technologies

the scale of this exhibition is expected to reach 50000 square meters. 500 domestic and foreign enterprises will participate in the exhibition, and about 18000 professional visitors. At this time, oil buyers who should change their viscosity to suit will come to the exhibition to visit and exchange and carry out various business activities

on the basis of strengthening the progressiveness and internationalization of the exhibits displayed in the production demand block of the original mechanical manufacturing board, this exhibition will increase the display of metal processing, sheet metal stamping, industrial automation, measurement, parts and components, green composite material preparation technology and digital chemical plant; Further enrich new technologies and products in the fields of informatization, IOT, big data, precision manufacturing, industrial control, etc. The exhibition focuses on metal cutting machine tools, stamping/forging/sheet metal, tools/fixtures, measurement, molds, plastic packaging machinery, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and other special exhibitions

at that time, well-known enterprises in the industry will collectively present their star products, advanced equipment and intelligent products, and several sets of advanced manufacturing solutions will be displayed at the same time according to people in the industry

during the four-day exhibition of the sixth Wuhan International machine tool, plastic packaging, mold and automation robot exhibition held last year, more than 600 enterprises from more than 10 countries including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea and France, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions of China participated in the exhibition. More than 10 exchange meetings and activities focusing on electronic information, automobile manufacturing, sheet metal/mold and other fields were held in turn during the exhibition, attracting 12193 professional visitors and purchasers to visit and purchase and carry out various business activities. (end)

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