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The 7th anniversary of Sixin communication and the public welfare bank in the old area of Western Fujian

when the phoenix flowers spread all over Xiamen like burning clouds, Sixin communication ushered in its 7th birthday. Unlike in the past, the 7-year-old Sixin chose a more meaningful way to celebrate his birthday. The two-day celebration of the seventh anniversary of Sixin and the public welfare trip in the old area of West Fujian is not only an activity of humanistic care for employees, but also a public welfare action to help the left behind elderly and children in the old area of West Fujian with the pure heart of Sixin employees. At the same time, it also reflects the support, care and blessing of Sixin company for so many plastics in the old area of West Fujian with an enterprise social feelings

it is the dream and consensus of Sixin people to become a happy enterprise with mission, responsibility and society. This kind of enterprise society inherits a love contribution to every Sixin people and a steaming public welfare heart to every Sixin people! This love and harmony is the blessing of the enterprise and the employees! Because the giver loves to return

20 "Amit naskar, the corresponding author of this article, said that from June 13 to 14, 2015, more than 100 partners of Sixin communication public welfare team took three buses to Gutian Meeting site, Peitian village and Liancheng guanneneneba Zhi mountain in the old area of Western Fujian. Each stop brought us touching and warmth

the first stop: Gutian Conference, always shining

the first stop of the four letter public welfare bank came to the former site of Gutian Conference in Shanghang to understand the historical background, content and results of Gutian Conference and the important historical significance of Gutian Conference to our party and our army. The revolutionary and innovative spirit embodied in Gutian Conference also has a strong practical guiding significance for thinking about the development direction of enterprises in the context of today's Internet + era

the second stop from import to production: go into Peitian village, where love blossoms.

the second stop of the four letter charity walk goes into Peitian, a remote village in Xuanhe Township, Liancheng County, to send blessings and condolences to the empty nesters, the elderly, left behind children and other special groups

● care for left behind children

although the conditions are difficult, the children here still love learning and life. The children were very happy when the Sixin love teacher group sent the donated books to the children. Five teachers came to the stage one after another, one piece of chalk, three feet platform, high spirited, and the students under the stage were full of expectation and dedication. I hope that the brief encounter can make the flowers of the motherland bloom with a smile and feel the power of big hands holding small hands with love

● Sixin company donated money to care for the old people.

Peitian is a longevity village. There are 2 old people over 100 years old and more than 200 old people over 70 years old. Some old people have difficulties in life. Sixin donated the cost saved from the green anniversary to Peitian village elderly association. On behalf of the president of Peitian village elderly association, Mr. wuliaxing, on behalf of the president of the elderly association and the villagers, thanked everyone for their love and awarded the plaque of kindness and helping the elderly to Sixin

the four letters represent caring from door to door, giving red envelopes to the elderly, and various delicacies such as zongzi and Ciba, which are made by the partners together with the local villagers

● clean up and care for the five guarantees family

in the old people of the five guarantees family, the Sixin public welfare team was busy helping clean up, remove weeds in the patio, dredge the ditch, tidy up the kitchen, tables and chairs, and clean up the hygiene dead corner as soon as they came to the door. Accompany the elderly to chat, ask about their health status, living needs, food and daily life, and send spiritual comfort to the elderly. The elderly often show a happy smile

● collecting donations for the injured elderly

old wutingqing, who has been serving the disabled, unfortunately encountered a car accident a few days before this charity trip and is still being rescued in the hospital. After learning this message, Sixin's friends donated money to the old man to pray for his early recovery. The donation was filled with the warmth of love.

wufangxi, wutingqing's daughter, wrote a thank-you letter to Sixin, June 13, 2015 was a warm day for me. At the 7th Anniversary Gala of Xiamen Sixin Communication Technology Co., Ltd., which increased its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process, a donation ceremony was held for my father. The scene of Sixin employees queuing up to donate money at the gala gave me great warmth! Thank all the colleagues of Sixin company for their love donations, and sincerely thank you for your generosity and selfless help, which filled my heart with gratitude and warmth

● social drama

the elderly, children and the friends of Sixin communication presented a wonderful and happy party for you. On the ancient stage, you sang and I stepped on the stage, showing your talent and artistic style, as if returning to the best and innocent time of childhood

there are many old grandparents in the art performances. Although the years have taken away their young faces, they can not change their forever young and passionate hearts. Their kind smiles and sincere performances touch the hearts of the people

the third stop: climb insect without feet mountain, visit Shimen lake, indulge in the beautiful and magnificent Guan insect without feet mountain scenic area between the mountains and rivers, with secluded river valleys, ancient trees and green bamboos swaying along the way, which makes people relaxed and happy, and allows the partners to fully stretch and adjust their body and mind. In the process of tourism, colleagues helped, cared for and communicated with each other, full of laughter

grateful for the love and contribution of the four letter partners in this public welfare trip in the old area of Western Fujian. The 7-year-old Sixin kid has a strong heart, but his strength is still very small. We believe that more and more enterprises will join the team of caring and public welfare, practice kindness, and deliver love and warmth to every corner. Love and love is a journey without end. Sixin communication is always on the way to create a better future with you

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