The 863 project undertaken by China Southern Glass

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On October 16, guoxiangyuan, member of the Party group of the Ministry of science and technology and head of the discipline inspection team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed in the Ministry of science and technology, accompanied by leaders of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Municipal Science and technology management departments, conducted special supervision and inspection on the 863 project "Research on manufacturing technology of high performance glass fiber for composite materials" undertaken by Nanjing glass fiber Institute. Guowei, Secretary of the Party committee, Zhengxiangyang, general manager of the special fiber business department, heads of the science and technology development department and the finance department, and members of the research group attended the meeting

the meeting was presided over by group leader guoxiangyuan 3 For the challenges brought by the new national standard, Secretary Guowei first reported the basic situation of the Institute, and Professor Zuqun, the leader of the research group, made a special report on the self inspection of the project on behalf of the research group. After listening to the report, the inspection team inquired and fully discussed the relevant situation, and reached a consensus. The inspection team spoke highly of the project initiation procedure, task completion, technical index realization, project organization and management, fund management and condition guarantee. Xujian, leader of the new materials field team of the National 863 program, put forward good suggestions for the follow-up research and development of the project

the leaders of the Institute attached great importance to the inspection. President Zhao, Secretary Guo and President Chen successively listened to the report on the self inspection and inspection preparation of the project and gave instructions. The science and technology development department and the finance department held discussions with the research group for many times and carried out comprehensive classical metering, mixing and pouring equipment. The data were sent to the control system department for review through the mass flowmeter to correct the problems found in the self inspection in time. The research group carefully summarized the implementation of the project, worked overtime with relevant personnel of the GS division during the national day to sort out more than 700 relevant documents and records, and made full preparations for the project inspection and subsequent project acceptance

since the implementation of research on manufacturing technology of high-performance glass fiber for composite materials, the subject has carried out relevant experimental research in strict accordance with the annual task requirements, solved the technical difficulties in the composition design of new high-strength glass, glass melting and fiber forming, improved the comprehensive properties of high-performance glass fiber, such as mechanics, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and promoted the development of high-performance glass fiber industry in China

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