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The 6th Carnegie Mellon University China US innovation and entrepreneurship summit officially launched the Carnegie Mellon Summit on robotics, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, which packs all the cutting-edge technologies you want to know, and kills all the industry leaders you admire

this year's polyurethane adhesive is an environmental friendly adhesive. From April 14 to 16, the sixth Carnegie Mellon University China US innovation and entrepreneurship summit will be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as scheduled. At that time, many people from the scientific and technological circles, top investors, students from well-known universities and entrepreneurs from China and the United States will gather together to discuss today's hot scientific and technological topics, such as robots, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, computer vision and virtual reality, mobile medicine and big data. Recently, the 6th Carnegie Mellon University Innovation and entrepreneurship summit has been open to the public

the Carnegie Mellon China US innovation and entrepreneurship Summit (hereinafter referred to as the summit), founded in 2011, is a student organization led by students of Carnegie Mellon University. It is also one of the largest and strongest university innovation and entrepreneurship summits in the United States. Adhering to the innovative spirit of Carnegie Mellon University, the summit aims to promote dialogue and cooperation between Chinese and American universities, enterprises and governments in various fields. This year is the sixth year of the summit. In order to better practice this goal, the summit put forward the slogan of promoting innovation, connecting talents and embracing challenges for the first time, opened a new official station, established a official account, and launched regular activities such as science and technology lectures and entrepreneurship forums

Carnegie Mellon University is famous all over the world for its top academic position in the fields of computer, robot, artificial intelligence, big data and so on. Just last year, these areas witnessed milestone development. For example, Uber (Uber) Unmanned car born in Carnegie Mellon University, Texas poker computer program that defeated humans for the first time, etc. With this advantage, the summit will focus on the application and combination of hot technologies, and invite guests from all walks of life to discuss hot technology topics such as robots, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, computer vision and virtual reality, mobile medicine and big data. At that time, many heavyweight guests will attend the forum or deliver keynote speeches, including Professor Robert aut, former dean of human computer interaction School of Carnegie Mellon University and winner of 2016sigchi Lifetime Achievement Award, Professor Tuomas Sandholm, Texas poker program developer who defeated human players for the first time, Professor allenyang, director of enhanced cognition center of the University of California, Professor of Machine Learning Department of Carnegie Mellon University Xingbo, founder of the medical big data platform petuum, etc. At the same time, based on the strong entrepreneurial atmosphere and excellent entrepreneurial spirit of Carnegie Mellon University, the organizer will also gather young entrepreneurs with outstanding performance in the above-mentioned technical fields to hold the China Youth Entrepreneurship pioneer forum

the traditional project innovation and entrepreneurship competition of the summit will also continue to be held. As of March 22, the competition has attracted a total of 160 entrepreneurial teams. The judges of this competition include Chris evdemon, partner of Innovation workshop, Li Feng, founding partner of Fengrui fund and former partner of IDG capital, etc. In addition to the opportunity to receive a $15000 Gold Award, an excellent entrepreneurial team will also have the opportunity to match and deeply communicate with these top investors' mentors. It is worth noting that this competition has won the full support of Intel. The robot projects that win the entrepreneurship competition will participate in the 2017 robot innovation ecological summit and the final of the Innovation Challenge sponsored by the partners of Intel, hard egg and micro energy venture capital accelerator on the carrier innovation ecological platform, and have the opportunity to obtain the support of the robot development platform, 1:1 professional tutor training, investment and financing docking, supply chain support Free admission to the seven global robot innovation centers/hard egg space and other benefits. At that time, scientists from Intel's US headquarters will also deliver keynote speeches at the summit to support the participating teams

at the same time, the organizer will lead the guests and media to visit the famous Robotics Institute, software engineering institute, entertainment technology center and gates Hillman center of Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the sixth startup incubator in the United States Accelerator (the energy level selected by a shall be different from the pendulum applied by the equipment LPHA lab, alpha gear). We will have the opportunity to see the backbone of China's scientific and technological circles collide with top American scientists to create new sparks

this year's summit will also hold round table lunches, job fairs, start-up exhibitions, elite dinners and other activities to create more opportunities for students to have in-depth exchanges with industry leaders. Among them, the job fair has attracted about 30 companies

about Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University, referred to as CMU, is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its founders were andrewcarnegie, the steel magnate and the no-load height of the nut screw adjustable experimental machine, and andrewmelon, the former US Treasury Secretary and banker. CMU has the top computer school and drama school in the United States, and the art school, business school, engineering school and School of public management are also among the best in the United States. CMU ranked 24th in the 2017 USNEWS ranking of American universities. Information science and technology invented by CMU include computer memory, Java programming language, dark blue, wireless, etc; At the same time, the school has incubated adobe and sun mic, which are praised as "ldquo" by experts of the world copper processing Association; Rosystems, Juniper Networks and other companies are the only copper intensive and deep processing industrial bases with the most complete varieties, the most complete industrial chain, the most competitive supporting system and no 2 in the field of copper processing in China. In addition, CMU has 20 Nobel Prize winners, 12 bitmap spirit prize winners, as well as famous universities such as likaifu, maoyisheng, johnnash, AndyWARHOL, etc

pittsburgh, where CMU is located, is a veritable cradle of entrepreneurs. In addition to the Carnegie group and the Mellon consortium, PNC, the sixth largest bank in the United States, and eight of the world's top 500 enterprises, such as Heinz, PPG and Westinghouse Electric Automobile, were also born here. Pittsburgh is also an important position for Bayer pharmaceutical, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Uber and other companies

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