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On May 21, 2019, in the workshop of Cummins generator technology China factory, with the curtain down, a Stanford S7 generator was displayed in front of the public. So far, the 800000 generator of Cummins generator technology China factory, Officially offline in Wuxi Xiangjiang factory

the opening of the celebration

marks a new era in the capacity of Chinese factories to produce generators. Cummins generator technology headquarters, management and employee representatives in China and representatives of the customer Baifa Power Co., Ltd. witnessed this historic moment

as the latest product of Stanford brand, the new S7 Series Generator perfectly integrates the latest technology of s family, and the power range has been significantly improved. Also equipped with coretooling ™ Patented thermal management technology brings efficient air flow to the body. In a better power range, S7 has a better weight distribution. Compared with P7, it is shortened by 5% in length and reduced by 18% in weight, which brings great convenience for the smaller transportation and self-locking installation space. At the same time, the automatic voltage regulator can now provide an upgraded version of digital AVR, which further improves the accuracy control and performance, and also brings better maintenance and operation space

at the ceremony, Desmond McMenamin, global general manager of Cummins generator technology, said that he was delighted to see the rapid development and changes of factories in China. At the same time, he also sincerely thanked Baifa power customers for their long-term trust in Cummins generator technology and recognition of Stanford brand

Desmond McMenamin, global general manager of Cummins generator technology, made a speech

subsequently, zhangchaodan, general manager of Baifa, reviewed the 22 years of close cooperation between Cummins generator technology China and Baifa power, and said that it was of great significance to witness the milestone of Cummins generator technology China factory

zhangchaodan, general manager of Baifa, made a speech

during the delivery process, Scott D. strudwick, global sales director of Cummins generator technology, and chaguoliang, sales director of China, delivered the S7 generator, which marks the 800000th product produced by a Chinese factory, to Baifa power. In order to remember this extraordinary historical moment, the S7 generator body is also hung with a special logo

delivery ceremony

Cummins generator technology China factory was founded in 1996. Now, two factories have been set up in Wuxi to produce generators. In just 23 years, from the first generator offline to the current 800000, from p0/p1 to p80, from s0/s1 to the latest S7, Chinese factories have the production capacity of a full range of Stanford brand products, Cummins generator technology plays an increasingly important role in the global capacity layout

not only that, it has always been the leader in every 100000 level output growth. The increase of each number is the best proof of the development of China's generator industry

such achievements

are inseparable from every employee

skilled skills and dedicated production

are inseparable from the factory

many advanced equipment and facilities

are inseparable from the workshop

efficient lean management and continuous improvement

are inseparable from the trust and support of customers

I believe that in the future, Chinese factories will make persistent efforts, To better meet the diversified needs of customers in multiple market segments with more innovative products

electronic universal tensile machine can be used as an experimental project

group photo on site

standing at the new starting point of the 800000 generator off the production line, looking forward to the future, Cummins generator technology China factory will start again after the whole assembly, and continue to move towards the new journey of the 900th and 0th factory in China, which is now combined with the demand for the packaging, inspection and utilization of cosmetics, and 1000000 units

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