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You need to choose a good wardrobe to make better use of it to a greater extent. What are the tips when choosing a wardrobe? Stanley wardrobe will introduce five tips to you

sliding door closets, namely sliding door closets or sliding door closets, are now popular among consumers in the wardrobe industry because of their convenient use, stable structure, high cost performance, improved space utilization and other characteristics. However, moving door closets should also be selected well in order to make better use of moving door closets. What are the tips when choosing moving door closets? Stanley closets will introduce five tips to you

1. The key to the service life lies in the pulley

the length of the service life of the wardrobe sliding door, and the key lies in the quality of the pulley. There are three kinds of pulley materials in the market: plastic pulley, metal pulley and glass fiber pulley. The plastic pulley is hard, but it is easy to crack. After a long time of use, it will become astringent and hard, and the push-pull feeling will become very poor. The metal pulley has high strength, but it is easy to produce noise when in contact with the track. Glass fiber pulley has good toughness, wear resistance, smooth sliding and durability. It is the best pulley material today

2. Pay attention to door frame materials and door panel thickness

at present, the frame materials used for wardrobe sliding doors in the market mainly include carbon steel materials and aluminum titanium alloy materials, among which aluminum titanium alloy materials are the most durable and have great advantages in toughness; The thickness of the door panel is another key point of concern. It is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick wood panels for sliding doors, so that they are stable and durable; If the thickness is less than 8mm, it will appear thin and light; The door panel with thickness less than 6mm is easy to deform, and its stability is difficult to meet the requirements of normal use. Therefore, when we sell real aluminum titanium alloy profiles, we can show the cross section of the product profile to understand the real material

3. The quality of the track is crucial

high quality hardware accessories for sliding doors are mainly reflected in the design, manufacture and perfect combination of the pulley system and the track, and the track is crucial. The quality of the track depends on its radian that can match the pulley perfectly. It should be reminded that a good track is excellent in strength design and smoothness of the contact surface with the pulley, not that the thicker the track wall is, the better

in addition, pay attention to whether the product has a stop block and an upper and lower track positioning system, whether there is a glass anti-collision rubber strip, whether the bearing pulley is smooth and silent when pushing, whether there is a damping system in the bottom wheel, whether there is a door height adjustment device, etc

4. Whether the design and color of the cabinet door and the frame are consistent and unified

the frame and door panel of the brand wardrobe door are from the same manufacturer, and the color lines can be completely consistent, and the matching is unified. And the miscellaneous wardrobe is often patchwork, can only find the plates and frames with similar designs and colors, and cannot be completely consistent. Stanley wardrobe leather patterns, glass, plates, patterns and shapes can be completely consistent, and there is no need to worry about the inconsistency between the style and the result

5. Whether the cabinet design is scientific

at present, the popular customized wardrobe cabinet design is basically scientific and reasonable. A good customized wardrobe is usually composed of different sub cabinets, which can be customized according to the actual situation of customers; Drawers and shelves can be increased or decreased freely. However, when preparing to order into the wall cabinet, you must first set the specific location at home, and then measure the size. Because some roofs have beams, if this factor is not taken into account, it is likely that the customized sliding door wardrobe will not enter the wall

Stanley wardrobe has great brand awareness. With a long and rich experience in product management, it has broken into a Xintiandi in the wardrobe industry. The quality of each wardrobe product is carefully designed and guaranteed, which can bring every consumer an excellent home experience





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