Shuian Xingcheng spicy mom saves money to install

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decoration community: Shuian Xingcheng decoration house type: 2 bedrooms and two halls decoration area: 89 square meters decoration style: American Rural decoration cost: 98000 (including electrical appliances and furniture) decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view] labor contracting method: half package

owner's self statement: This is my second house. People change houses more and more, but our house is the opposite, and the change is smaller and smaller. The whole decoration process was fairly smooth. My husband and I basically didn't care much. We all relied on the guidance of the designer. After more than 4 months, we finally had my current village nest

American rural style living room (picture)

now we are grandly launching our kitchen. I have connected the kitchen with the restaurant, which makes me feel bigger visually

look at my dream oven

bedroom. It feels warm when it's old

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