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The May Day promotion of Yu'an doors and windows was officially launched a few days ago. The theme of this large-scale linkage promotion is "special price for celebration, direct supply to the whole audience, willful bargain hunting", to ensure the lowest price in the whole audience, so that you can buy high-quality Yu'an doors and windows cheaply

2015 May Day golden week is approaching, and this year marks the 10th anniversary of Yu'an doors and windows. In order to give back to the majority of consumers, Yu'an doors and windows, together with distribution partners across the country, grandly launched a large-scale linkage promotional activity with the theme of "Yu'an doors and windows 10th anniversary 5.1 Shenghui - celebration special price direct supply for the willful bargain hunting of the whole audience"

this May Day promotional activity will be held grandly in image stores, exclusive stores and flagship stores of Yu'an doors and windows from April 25 to May 3, 2015

you take TA and TA with money. This may day, let's fix Yu'an doors and windows. Copy the base price for the celebration, and buy Yu'an doors and windows happily! On May Day this year, we don't give gifts, but only make real profits. During the ten-year celebration, the manufacturers congratulated each other, thanked each other for the huge benefits, and willfully sought the bottom, which was low enough and willful enough

Yu'an doors and windows, adhering to the business philosophy of "quality makes brand, innovation promotes development", strives to build a professional and learning talent team integrating high-quality R & D and design, production technology, quality management, market development and marketing services, introduces advanced production equipment from Germany, Italy and other foreign countries, and specializes in the production, research and marketing of aluminum alloy doors and windows, Adhering to the tenet of "Yu'an, be a good door and window in China", we are determined to become the leader and leader of China's good door and window industry

choose Yu'an doors and windows, and be rich and safe all your life

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