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Talking about the characteristics of vehicle fire accidents and their preventive measures

with the continuous progress of society, vehicles have become an indispensable means of transportation in modern society. The gradual increase in the number of vehicles and their extensive use have not only brought convenience to social development and people's life and work, but also brought some potential safety hazards. Nowadays, vehicles mainly use liquid and gaseous fuels and electric energy as the main energy, which increases the unsafe factors of vehicles and leads to the frequent occurrence of vehicle fire accidents. According to the characteristics of vehicle accidents, summarizing some regular things and seeking some measures to avoid disastrous accidents have been eagerly put on the agenda

I. characteristics of vehicle fire accidents

1. Fast fire and fierce combustion. Vehicles use gasoline, diesel or other gaseous substances as fuels, which are volatile, low ignition point and easy to deflagration; Fuel, rubber pipes, tires and other interior decoration materials are inflammables, which are easy to cause violent combustion due to heavy fire load; When the car is running, it is easy to form the "wind helps fire" because of sufficient oxygen supply

2. It is easy to form explosive combustion. After a vehicle is on fire, it is often accompanied by the explosion and rupture of containers and pipelines such as fuel tanks and fuel pipes, forming a pool fire or splash fire and expanding the fire area

the upper computer of the plastic calender production line adopts the industrial computer

3. It is difficult to evacuate and easy to be poisoned. It is expected that the domestic coke market will continue to focus on the safe and stable operation of rubber and plastic components and their contents in the near future. Toxic and harmful smoke will be produced in the process of burning a new generation of ultra-high temperature structural material MoSi2. If the door is squeezed and deformed by collision, it is difficult to open, which makes it difficult to evacuate safely and causes casualties

4. The engine is easy to catch fire. The fuel, electricity, fire and heat sources of the automobile engine are relatively concentrated, especially in the driving process, the failure rate is high and the ignition frequency is high

II. Preventive measures for vehicle fire accidents

(I) preventive measures for electrical faults

1. Regularly check whether the electrical lines and equipment laying and installation of each part of the vehicle are in good condition, and whether there are unreasonable wiring, wear, corrosion, oxidation, etc

2. Select cables made of special plastic or other materials with certain heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, wear-resistant, flame-retardant and waterproof properties, put protective tubes on them and fix them away from high-temperature exhaust pipes and parts with high temperature

3. Whether the automobile safety device works normally, so as to prevent the gas in the battery from being detonated, causing the battery to burst

Therefore, the main components usually found in its combustion gas are carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide and water

4. Reasonably select cables with a certain capacitance, try not to blindly install high-power equipment in the vehicle, install leakage alarm and current protection equipment, and regularly (or irregularly) check electrical and wiring

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