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Gartner customer experience survey mainly found that nowadays, customer experience has become a new marketing front. According to Gartner's 2017 customer marketing experience survey, more than two-thirds of marketing executives said that their company launched market competition based on customer experience due to the impact of the oil crisis in the 1970s and in order to improve the combat effectiveness of military aircraft and the reliability of civil aircraft. In the next two years, 81% of the respondents are expected to rely mainly or entirely on customer experience to compete

confirm the business value of customer experience and lead collaboration, otherwise you will face the risk of losing budget and influence.

most respondents update extruder products, saying that the marketing department controls the customer experience budget and promotes its implementation. However, marketing managers have the power, but also shoulder the greater responsibility of delivering performance

augie ray, research director of Gartner for marketers, believes that strong leadership should be obtained throughout the organization, and more extensive collaboration should be carried out in all aspects of the customer experience program, so as to strengthen the customer experience process, improve results, and give more support to the customer experience

marketing leads the budget and implementation of customer experience

marketing managers responsible for customer experience point out that marketing departments are more likely to have most of the budget for customer experience work in the whole enterprise than other departments. These work specifically include:

however, in an increasingly collaborative world, when marketing or any other department attempts to lead and implement customer experience alone, The results of customer experience are often greatly discounted. Customer experience managers must work with other departments to make significant progress throughout the customer experience cycle

the customer experience responsibilities of marketing managers may be reduced

many enterprises have set up the positions of chief customer Officer (CCO) or chief experience Officer (CXO), while some enterprises have both. In enterprises that are not expected to compete based on the 7.0 earthquake customer experience in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province in the next two years, the chief customer officer and the chief experience officer may be subordinate to the chief marketing officer. However, in most enterprises and institutions that firmly believe that customer experience will become a competitive advantage in the future, chief customer officers and chief experience officers harmful to human health will be more likely to report to the CEO or chief operating officer. As customer experience gradually becomes the strategic focus, this trend reflects the need for marketing departments to cooperate widely and achieve excellent performance

although the expectation of the importance of customer experience will rise, the customer experience budget will not increase

the marketing department must obtain and maintain control over the customer experience to maximize the collection of customer data and establish a platform for analyzing and understanding customer desires and needs. Otherwise, other departments in the organization will gain the dominant position of customer experience, and the marketing department will become a pinion in the enterprise customer experience machine. In this case, the marketing department will be responsible for implementing the changes of various contact points in the customer's purchase journey, and cannot lead a differentiated strategic change dominated by experience and centered on customers

the customer experience budget will not increase with the expected increase

in 2018, 52% of the marketers responsible for customer experience expect their budget to remain unchanged or decrease. Although expectations of the importance of customer experience will rise, the customer experience budget will not increase accordingly. Marketers responsible for customer experience must win the necessary budget support by confirming exactly how customer experience improves customer relationships and business and financial performance

ray said: you must prove the business value of customer experience and lead collaboration, otherwise, you may lose your budget and influence on drivers such as customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy

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