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After the blast furnace inspection gradually increased, the waste purchase station had a bumper harvest, and all kinds of packaging boxes increased by nearly 30%. According to the interview, the purchase volume of gift packaging in the material recycling stations in many residential areas after the festival will increase significantly, with a range of about 20% to 30%. This year's Spring Festival, people gave each other "over packaged" goods. Although waste buyers like Xiao Sun made money beautifully, they became a "trouble" for families after the festival

on the last two days of the Spring Festival holiday, Mr. Chen looked at the beautifully packed gift boxes at home and had a headache. A box of half a kilo of tea "wore" threeorfour pieces: a beautiful cardboard box was put outside the iron tea box, and then put into a big gift box lined with sponge brocade mats. Finally, The big gift box also needs to be packed into a beautiful hard paper handbag... "Unless I transfer the intentions given to me by my friends, no matter how beautiful and exquisite the packaging is, it will only sell at a waste paper price." Mr. Chen said

when Master Li, a taxi driver who has been working on the street during the Spring Festival, heard about the excessive packaging of gifts, he also said bluntly, "during the festival, there are several cases of lifting gifts, and the gift packages brought by guests are too large to put down in the back seat. All of them have to open the trunk." Master Li said that the taxi guests themselves did not complain that these packaged things were not affordable. Some guests also said that the things inside were not very big

also visited the small shop of "recycling gifts" on the street. A small boss said that during the Spring Festival, he collected a lot of cigarettes, alcohol and health products, and the business was quite prosperous, "the gift boxes he brought were particularly beautiful". However, the little boss is not interested in these gift boxes: "the price of recycled gifts is based on the price of the gift itself. No matter how beautiful the box is, it's useless." However, the "theory" of the small boss was not recognized in large shopping malls. It was learned in the interview that the price of a bottle of Baijiu with a market price of about 500 yuan was raised to 990 yuan with a pair of white jade wine glasses and exquisite gift boxes; The market price of a box of tea less than 0.5 Jin is less than 100 yuan, but because it is packed in a wooden box and placed in a leather handbag, the price rises to more than 800 yuan

Dong Jinshi, vice chairman of the China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee, said that excessive packaging will not only bring waste of resources and environmental pollution, but also virtually double the value of goods that were originally cheap, making consumers waste money

"the over packed gift box does not necessarily contain noble goods, but some are ordinary things." A salesperson at the festival counter of Hualian Commercial Building said, "the real good thing is that it can still be sold without special packaging and being put into a big gift box."

before the Spring Festival, six ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a notice of "opposing excessive anti cyclical packaging". According to the proposal of the China Consumer Association, as long as the packaging volume is generally realized as a negative difference, which is significantly more than 10% of the commodity itself, or the packaging cost is significantly more than 30% of the commodity price, it can be judged as "commercial fraud". Regarding the repeated prohibition of excessive packaging, Teng Jiacai, director of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, said that diligence and thrift are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and strengthening environmental protection is an important manifestation of building a harmonious society. This year, China will issue the circular economy law to further severely punish businesses for excessive packaging. (Tang Zheng, Zhang Di)

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