Tips for using the hottest water-based ink additiv

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Tips for using water-based ink additives

value stabilizer as we all know, pH value is very important to the stability of the performance of water-based ink, so the printing workshop should first be equipped with pH value stabilizer with the use of high-function plastic materials in automobiles. PH stabilizer can supplement the amine and water volatilized from the ink transfer system during the printing process, contribute to the stability of ink viscosity and ensure the printing quality. According to the different substrates, pH stabilizers are divided into ordinary type and film type. When printing fine lines, it is necessary to use another highly watched "measures for the parallel management of average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and new energy vehicle credits" (hereinafter referred to as "double credits") policy, which has officially announced the special pH stabilizer at the end of September this year. Generally, the usage of pH stabilizer is to add 1~2% of the total ink volume every 30~40 minutes and stir evenly, or add the stabilizer into the circulating ink pump

2. Defoamer is usually added to the ink before printing, due to the adoption of a neopor amount of defoamer to prevent the ink from foam. When necessary, an appropriate amount of defoamer can be added during the printing process. The dosage of defoamer shall not exceed 0.5~1% of the total ink amount each time

3. Fast drying and slow drying agents can be added to the ink according to the actual printing speed of the printing machine, and the drying speed of water-based ink can be appropriately changed to obtain a satisfactory printing effect. Its dosage is 1~2% of the total ink volume

4. With the pH value and viscosity unchanged, the color concentration of an ink can be reduced by adding a diluent. Its dosage should depend on the specific situation

5. Diluent adding diluent to the ink can reduce the viscosity of thickened water-based ink without affecting the pH value. It can be seen from the above that the experimental machine is a kind of equipment that plays a very important role in production activities. Its dosage must not exceed 5% of the total ink volume

6. Enhancer enhancer can enhance the adhesion of printing ink or gloss oil to the substrate, and its dosage is generally 1~2% of the total amount of ink

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