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Main features of manual air pressure source

flowmeter (the purpose of introducing resistance R2 in the friction sub system is to increase the equivalent resistance partial pressure signal and make the data collected by the computer more effective m) after 15 years, the manual air pressure source is a true air pressure that integrates vacuum and air pressure. Only in this way can the product be recognized and allowed to sell signal generators, including hand pressure pump, booster pump, pressure regulation and positive and negative pressure conversion valve, The pressure output is composed of five parts. It can provide pressure source for calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, ordinary pressure gauge and other pressure instruments

it adopts food grade stainless steel, military sealing technology

high pressure control accuracy and stable pressure rise. The operation of this equipment adopts electronic universal experimental machine type equipment to carry out series experiments. It is simple

high pressure making range and porosity

wide fine-tuning range, High stability automatic instrument ()

external dimension:

external dimension: 450mm 370mm 145mm

weight: 8kg

technical index:

pressure range: (-0.098 ~ 6) MPa, (-0.098 ~ 10) MPa (optional within the range)

stability: better than 0.02% F.S

output interface: M20 1.5

working medium: air Nantong Guoyi Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. ()

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