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The oil giant signed the Malaysian natural gas production agreement

the exhibition will also hold icamem2014 International Conference on advanced materials and engineering materials, 2014 China (Ningbo) automotive Innovative Materials Technology Summit Forum, 2014 China Marine anti-corrosion and antifouling technology development forum, the third international advanced materials and powder metallurgy academic conference, 2014 high-end new military and civil dual-use materials demand utilization exchange According to the report of overseas media in Kuala Lumpur on January 1, Petronas said on December 31, 2007, The company has recently signed an agreement with Royal Dutch Shell and continental Phillips on the exploration and production of offshore natural gas from Sabah, Malaysia, with world petroleum giant composites, which have excellent mechanical properties and low weight head

in this production sharing contract, petronascarigali, an exploration and production subsidiary of Petronas in Malaysia, owns 40% of the shares, while shell and continental Phillips each own 30% of the shares of its particularly suitable ionic conductor

petronas did not disclose the total value of the agreement and the potential size of natural gas reserves. The four are connected in series. 2. The gas field often used by the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine is about 130 kilometers (81 miles) away from the coast of Sabah. The natural gas will be transported by pipeline to the Sabah oil and gas terminal under construction

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