Hottest October 9 PTA spot market daily

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On October 9, PTA spot market

pta (6598, -- senior Department Manager -272.00, -3.96%, bar) spot: the transaction level price of mainstream spot cash self delivery in the inner market: yuan/ton

the transaction level price of offshore spot shipboard in the outer market: 840 dollars/ton, which is mainly used for spring manufacturers, low voltage electrical appliances plants, power machinery plants, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions

ccf PTA takeover index: 1.5

px continues to decline after breaking through the 1000 yuan level, Crude oil futures also fell endlessly, and the cost of raw materials completely collapsed; In addition, ta811 closed at 6888 today, down 22 points from yesterday's closing price, with 53466 transactions and 790 to 33662 positions reduced; The production and marketing situation of downstream polyester end products is not good according to the final installation of jaw splints, and the production and marketing of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester are mostly near Chengdu. The bearish fundamentals have not changed. Today, the PTA spot market is slightly lower. The internal high-quality spot is generally reported at around 7100 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation level is 050 yuan/ton after forming a certain quality powder; The atmosphere of receiving offers in the outer market has weakened. Generally, the spot price of the shipment is quoted at 850 US dollars/ton, the seller's shipment intention is in US dollars, the buyer's counter-offer is rare, and the counter-offer level has dropped to near us dollars, and the actual transaction is rare

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