Maintenance of the crankshaft kit for the hottest

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Maintenance of engine stretching, tearing and peeling off crankshaft kit

after disassembling the engine, check the deflection of the crankshaft when there is lubricant on the friction surface. Use the V-ring to support the crankshaft, and use the dial indicator to read the deflection degree. The deflection degree of the crankshaft shall not exceed the service limit, which is 0.05mm

excessive crankshaft deflection is often the cause of abnormal engine vibration, which will shorten engine life. Therefore, it should be sent to the repair department for repair or replacement if the service limit is exceeded

before checking the bearing, clean the bearing with cleaning solvent and lubricate it with engine oil. Rotate the inner race to check whether the rotation is smooth. If the rotation is not flexible and uniform, and there is a clicking sound, further check the ball track and steel ball. The new index of environmental protection and energy saving has raised the threshold of the paper industry. If the steel ball and seat ring have serious pitting, peeling, cracking, etc., they will be replaced with new bearings. If the bearing rotates smoothly without blocking, but the noise is very loud, check whether it is worn too much. The inspection method is to hold the inner and outer rings tightly with both hands and push the bearing forward and backward. If the TBEA will make full use of this advantage and feel that the shaking clearance is large, it should replace the bearing

then check the bearing oil seal. In case of wear, fracture and hardening, the damaged oil seal may lead to the leakage of fuel and air mixture or oil. Such oil seals should be replaced

when checking the connecting rod big end bearing, rotate the crankshaft with connecting rod and feel that the rotation action in the big end is smooth. The connecting rod can be pulled up and down while the crankshaft is firmly fixed to confirm whether there is sound in the big end. The wear of connecting rod big end can be estimated by checking the swing of connecting rod small end. This method can also check the wear degree of connecting rod big end parts. If the wear exceeds the limit, the connecting rod, crank pin and crank pin bearing shall be repaired or replaced. The degree of wear shall not exceed 3.0mm

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