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Maintenance of 1600 medium-sized corrugated board production line the emergence of the corrugated board production line is a leap in the carton industry. It not only ensures the quality of cartons, but also doubles the output. However, with the development of equipment automation and high efficiency, it also puts forward higher requirements for operation, repair and maintenance. During the use of 1600 medium-sized corrugated board production line, the author We have accumulated some experience in maintenance and other areas, and now we will discuss this

equipment maintenance

the corrugated board production line has a complex structure and constitutes a complete system with each other. The failure of any single machine can lead to the shutdown of the whole production line. Therefore, the following measures are generally taken to ensure the normal operation of the whole production line. Extend sincere greetings and good congratulations to the Mongolian people

I. equipment classification

according to the impact of equipment complexity on product quality, each single machine of the whole production line can be divided into two categories: one category of equipment includes single-sided machine, cross cutting machine and printing slotting machine; The second category includes double-sided, hot plate, shaftless support and stacker. On the basis of classification, the management of class I equipment has been strengthened. In terms of personnel allocation and daily maintenance, give consideration to primary and secondary issues and highlight key points to keep the equipment in good operating condition

II. Daily maintenance

whether the equipment can operate normally depends to a large extent on whether the maintenance work can keep up. The general equipment maintenance principles are: adequate lubrication, clean and complete, careful and meticulous

there are hundreds of lubricating parts in the corrugated board production line, which can be divided into oil lubricated parts and grease lubricated parts according to the different lubricants used. Grease lubricated parts can be divided into calcium sodium base lubrication, grease lubricated parts and high-temperature lubricated parts. Corresponding lubricants shall be strictly used for different lubricated parts. For example, high humidity of corrugated roll and pressure roll requires strict use of high-temperature grease. It is worth reminding that some people mistakenly believe that high-temperature grease is of high value and high grade. Therefore, high-temperature grease is also used for the glue roller with low temperature, which not only causes economic waste, but also leads to poor glue lubrication, because the grease, especially the high-temperature grease, will deteriorate and harden after being used for a period of time. When the temperature is high, The situation is good. The steel consumption per square meter is increased to 60 kg (including the floor reinforcement. The dynamic testing machine mainly includes the fatigue testing machine. However, when the temperature is low, the deteriorated lubricating grease will cause poor lubrication and damage to the bearing. While selecting the appropriate lubricating oil, it should also be fully lubricated. For example, it is required that the oil filling cycle of the corrugated roller is three months, and the lubricating oil should fill 1/3-1/2 of the bearing shell space. In addition, the bearing and the flange covers at both ends should be opened, and the two ends should be added respectively; however In actual work, it is difficult to open the flange on the inner side of the bearing. Some maintenance personnel only add oil from the front, resulting in poor lubrication of the inner row ball of the double row bearing. In fact, the inner ball is the most seriously damaged. Secondly, when changing the oil, all the lubricating grease in the bearing housing should be removed. The great strength is beyond the expectation of the industry. And clean it with kerosene, because the grease, especially the grease near the bearing, has been blackened, deteriorated and hardened seriously after a period of use, and has occupied the bearing ball space, so it is not easy for the new grease to enter the bearing body. The bearing with poor lubrication first shows that the ball surface and the contact between the inner and outer rings of the bearing and the ball are scratched, and the bearing retainer is seriously worn. As a result, the equipment load is increased, and the transmission is unbalanced and bouncing. Therefore, the lubricating parts should be fully lubricated while selecting the appropriate lubricating oil

equipment cleaning also plays an important role in the maintenance process. It is closely related to equipment lubrication. It should be free of dust and debris, because many transmission rollers, gears and chains in the production line are exposed, and dust and debris are easy to fall on them, such as the shaftless support and track of the single face machine, the track of the lifting rubber coated roller, the screw rod, the single side power side chain, the corrugating roller, etc The influence of sundries accelerates wear and even damage; Another example is that the accuracy and surface finish of the cross cutting machine and the wire pressing wheel axle are very high. The operator is required to clean it with a raw cloth and apply engine oil before going off work every day. If this cannot be done, there will be too much accumulation on it and it will be difficult for the wire pressing wheel to slide. The operator may use tools to knock, which will not only damage the wire pressing wheel, but also likely damage the wire pressing wheel axle. In addition, if the cleaning work is not done well, It may also cause the main shaft of the pressure roller to rust. Another important task of cleaning is the cleaning of the air conditioning system. Many parts of the production line are controlled by various types of cylinders and electromagnets. The inner wall of the cylinder is easy to be corroded. Even if it is not corroded, the action will be slowed or not in place due to the turbid condensate in the cylinder, affecting the product quality. Therefore, we regularly clean and refuel the pneumatic device

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