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Maintenance of cleaning machine at the entrance of glass coating production line since the beginning of the 21st century, with the implementation of national energy-saving policy and the gradual popularity of energy-saving concept, the domestic output of coated glass for construction has increased sharply. In this situation, our company imported a large-scale off-line magnetron sputtering coating production line from vonardene, Germany, in 2003, which is specialized in the production of coated glass for buildings with energy-saving and beautiful characteristics. This coating production line adopts the high-level horizontal glass cleaning machine of German Benteler company. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, accurate control, excellent performance and simple operation. Since it was put into operation, it has better met our production needs. As the key equipment in the coating production line, the inlet cleaning machine is responsible for polishing, cleaning, drying and other surface treatment of the coated glass original sheet, so as to make the original sheet clean without the need to establish a close partnership with the vanadium raw material enterprise, so that the film can be firmly attached to the glass original sheet. If the inlet cleaning machine does not work normally, the coated glass produced by the coating production line will have visual defects such as spots and pinholes, and physical defects such as weak film adhesion

however, due to long-term use, the cleaning opportunity is polluted and worn, and will gradually lose its effectiveness. Therefore, we should maintain the cleaning machine according to the normal procedures within a certain period to restore its function and function. For the maintenance of general cleaning machine, the following six aspects should be paid attention to, namely, the lubrication of cleaning machine, the calibration of conveying roller table, the adjustment of disc brush height, the cleaning of water storage tank and water receiving tray, the smoothness of polishing agent and water spray pipe, and the cleaning and adjustment of air knife drying area

lubrication of cleaning machine

in order to prevent gear necrosis caused by excessive wear of the wearing machine, the cleaning machine must be properly lubricated. The glass coating process requires a very high degree of cleanliness of the glass, and a small amount of lubricating oil is not allowed to enter the cleaning area. Therefore, it can withstand the temperature difference between minus 40 ℃ and plus 40 ℃. Grease with good mechanical stability and adhesion should be selected. The disc brush of Benteler cleaning machine adopts reciprocating rotation, butt joint of wheels, no bearing and no lubrication. At the same time, both ends of the conveying roller are lubricated with water and only because most brand manufacturers have moved their production to China; On the other hand, the export is also slowing down the face seal bearing, which can effectively avoid pollution. We focus on lubricating the grounding strip, helical gear and drive shaft for the drive chain @d host 1

① use plastic cloth to isolate the parts to be lubricated from the cleaning area to avoid grease pollution

② lubricate the joint surface of chain, gear, transmission shaft, chain roller and chain plate

③ the transmission chain and roller table shall be lubricated evenly

④ wipe off the excess grease with a clean cotton cloth

calibration of conveying roller table

the cleaning machine adopts the glass clamping method. The lower roller table is fixed, and the height of the upper roller table can be adjusted to ensure the uniformity of glass stress and the stability of conveying. The lower roller table is driven by the transmission shaft and gear system. It is necessary to regularly check the horizontal and longitudinal levels of the bearings. The upper roller table is fixed by two water lubricated plastic bearings at both ends and can rotate freely. As the plastic bearing is easy to wear and increase the clearance after being used for a period of time, the two ends of the upper roller table are unbalanced, which makes the original glass sheet easy to form deflection in the cleaning machine. For the upper roller table, we add a fixed end block clamp and regularly measure the height change, and correspondingly calibrate or replace the bearing to adjust the pressing force table of the roller

adjustment of disc brush height

the inlet cleaning machine mainly cleans the surface of the original glass through three rows of 132 disc brushes, and adds liquid polishing agent to ensure that the glass surface can be effectively polished to remove stubborn stains. In order to make the disk brush form an effective rolling friction on the glass surface, the height of the disk brush tip is generally set 1 below the surface of the glass sheet. 5 mm. With the wear of the disc bristles, the height of the disc brush needs to be reduced regularly to ensure the cleaning quality

cleaning of water storage tank and water receiving tray

the inlet cleaning machine adopts the method of three-level water quality step-by-step cleaning and recycling. Five water tanks and corresponding water receiving trays are respectively set at the lower part of the conveyor table to store cleaning water. As the water itself is polluted while cleaning the glass, some polishing agents and other pollutants are usually gradually deposited in the water storage tank, which needs to be washed regularly to ensure the cleanness of the water quality

smoothness of polishing agent and water spray pipe

the inlet cleaning machine uses aluminum or cerium oxide aqueous solution as polishing agent, which is added to the rolling process of disc brush through the water spray pipe between the upper roller tables. Due to the use of solid aqueous polishing agent, when the concentration is too high, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage. When the nozzle of polishing agent is observed to be blocked during use, it shall be dredged in time and the diluted concentration of polishing agent shall be adjusted. To clean the polishing agent and water spray pipe, follow the steps below

① remove the washer baffle, raise the upper roller table of the washer, and close the power supply and water supply valve

② loosen the fixing bolts at both ends of the nozzle and remove the nozzle

③ use a high-pressure water gun to inject pure water into the nozzle from the inlet of the nozzle to form water pressure, observe the water outflow of each nozzle, and dredge it with a paper clip

④ clean the nozzle, install it back to its original position, tighten the bolts, and note that the nozzle direction remains unchanged before disassembly and cleaning

cleaning and adjustment of the drying area of the air knife

the last water tank of the cleaning machine is filled with high-purity water that has been heated (at about 45 ℃), so the water stains attached to the surface of the original glass can be blown away and evaporated under the action of the high wind of the air knife after entering the drying area. There is an acute angle between the blade of the air knife and the plane where the original glass sheet is located. Each time the air knife is disassembled or its position is changed, pay attention to measure its angle and keep it unchanged

① clean the glass debris, labels, paper clips and other dirt in the drying area, and wipe the air knife, roller table and other parts with clean cotton cloth to ensure cleanliness

② remove the primary filter plate and secondary filter bag for the fan, blow out the dust inside with compressed air, check for damage or blockage, and replace them regularly

③ use a saw blade to probe into the air knife edge and check whether there are sundries such as filter bag fiber blocking the knife edge

through the production practice in recent years, we have realized that as long as the inlet cleaning machine is regularly and carefully maintained according to the above procedures, the cleaning effect of the original glass sheet can be ensured to a large extent and the quality of the coated glass products can be guaranteed under the normal process

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