Maintenance of cooling system of the hottest laser

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Maintenance of cooling system of laser welding machine

1. Main contents of cooling system maintenance main contents of maintenance include checking the quality of cooling water, cleaning the water tank and pipeline, and checking whether the protection circuit operates normally, etc

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in case of frequent use, the water quality must be checked once a week to ensure the quality of cooling medium at any time. The inspection method is to place the multimeter at 2MW resistance gear, insert the exposed metal parts of the measuring ends of the two probes into the cooling water surface in parallel at an interval of 1cm, and the resistance reading at this time shall be at least greater than 250KW to avoid loosening;. If the reading is lower than this value, replace the cooling water immediately

2 constantly expand the cooperation field and check the protection interlock circuit

the cooling system has designed overtemperature sound alarm, overtemperature interlock, flow switch interlock, liquid level protection interlock and other protection measures specifically for the characteristics of laser equipment. Check the above protection power 7 and complete set of technical circuits frequently during use to ensure their normal and effective functions

the inspection can be carried out during water change

whether the cooling system of the laser welding machine operates normally or not determines whether the machine operates safely. Otherwise, it may lead to a series of equipment safety problems, such as low electro-optical conversion efficiency of the equipment, laser spot flickering, laser and equipment overheating, laser rod cracking, etc

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