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Maintenance methods for ordinary milling machines

the main structures of milling machines are divided into base, bed column, bed frame, bed saddle, workbench and cantilever

the milling machine can process plane (horizontal and vertical), groove (keyway, T-shaped groove, dovetail groove, etc.), gear parts (gear, spline shaft, helical surface) and various curved surfaces. PolyOne acquired two companies with us $85.5 million nbsp; In addition, it can also be used to process the surface and inner hole of the rotating body and cut off

when the milling machine is working, the workpiece is installed on the workbench or indexing head and other accessories. The milling cutter rotation is the main motion, supplemented by the feed motion of the workbench or milling head, and the workpiece can obtain the required machining surface. Because it is Multi Tool intermittent cutting, the productivity is high

I. daily maintenance:

1. Pre Shift Maintenance:

check important parts

clean the exposed guide rail surface and lubricate all parts as required

idle and check whether the lubrication system is normal. Check the oil level, which shall not be lower than the oil level, and add lubricating oil to each part

2. After shift maintenance:

do a good job in cleaning the bed and parts to truly understand the tension and pressure parts, and clean the iron filings and the surrounding environment

wipe the machine

cleaners, clamps and measuring tools

all parts return

II. Regular maintenance of all parts:

1. Bed and appearance:

wipe the workbench, bed guide rail surface, screw rods, machine tool surfaces and dead corners, operating handles and hand wheels

deburring of guide rail surface

clean and free of greasy dirt

disassemble and clean the linoleum and remove impurities from the iron sheet

remove the rust on all parts, protect the painted surface from collision

guide rail surface, sliding surface of standby equipment, hand wheel handle of each part and other exposed parts prone to rust shall be coated with oil

2. Spindle box:

clean and well lubricated

the transmission shaft has no axial movement

clean and change oil

replace worn parts

check and adjust the tightness of the clutch, screw rod closing order, inlay strip and pressing plate

3. Workbench and lifting table:

clean and well lubricated

adjust the clamping strip clearance

check and tighten the platen screws of the workbench, and check and tighten the screw nuts of each operating handle

adjust the nut clearance

clean the hand oil pump

remove the burrs on the guide rail surface

repair or replace worn parts

clean and adjust the worktable, screw rod handle and column strip

4. Workbench gearbox:


good lubrication

clean and change oil

the transmission shaft has no movement

replace worn parts

5. Cooling system:

all parts are clean and the pipeline is unblocked

there is no precipitated iron dust in the cooling tank

clean the cooling liquid tank. Build industrial interconnection

change the coolant

6. Lubrication system:

add lubricating oil to each nozzle, guide rail surface, screw rod and other lubrication parts

check the oil level of the main shaft gearbox and feed gearbox, and add oil to the elevation position

the oil inside is clean, the oil circuit is unblocked, the asphalt felt is effective, and the oil mark is eye-catching

clean the oil pump

change the lubricating oil

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