Maintenance of electric system of the hottest fork

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Maintenance methods of forklift electrical system

the electrical system of forklift is the main component of forklift. If there is any fault or damage, the whole vehicle may fail or cause accidents. Therefore, it is very important for the safe use of forklift to regularly maintain all accessories of forklift electrical system. Before overhaul, inspection and maintenance, first remove the power supply to avoid short circuit

I. forklift

the forklift controller shall maintain the correctness and flexibility of action during use. Frequently check whether the contact is damaged by melting. If burns are found, file them with a fine file. In addition, comprehensively check the controller when it is used to the vehicle chassis

II. Forklift contactor

the contact of forklift contactor must be in good contact, and it should be checked frequently whether the action is flexible and whether the contact is burned. If there is any dirt and scar, it should be removed in time and checked regularly

forklift resistance. Check whether the forklift resistance is broken or damaged, and remove the dust on the resistance to facilitate the heat dissipation of forklift electrical system accessories

III. forklift oil pump motor

forklift oil pump motor shall not be overloaded "We basically do not pick up plastic bags for operation. In case of overload, the operation time shall not exceed 15s.

IV. forklift electrical circuit.

the wiring of each electrical circuit shall be correct, and no wrong connection or short circuit is allowed. All contacts must be in good condition. As an experimental machine for testing the bearing capacity and anti-wear performance of lubricants, the wiring should be tightened, and the tin welding at all places must be solid and reliable without desoldering.

5、 Forklift travel motor

forklift motor is one of the important accessories of forklift electrical system. During use, special attention shall be paid to whether the traveling motor operates normally. In case of the following conditions, it shall be eliminated in time according to the fault causes:

1. Unable to start. When the forklift cannot be started electrically, it may be caused by fuse burnout, control circuit failure, serious short circuit or open circuit of motor coils, short circuit between commutators, poor electrical contact, heavy load or mechanical damage

2. The rotating speed is abnormal. When this fault occurs, it may be caused by short circuit or open circuit of each coil, incorrect position and overload of the brush, bearing damage and low power supply voltage

3. Forklift brush is on fire. It may be caused by poor contact of the brush, uneven surface of the commutator, incorrect position of the brush, unclean surface, short circuit of the commutator or short circuit of each coil of the motor, etc

4. High temperature. It may be caused by overload, bearing and too tight, which are confirmed by pvc/wood powder composite material electron microscope, damage or poor lubrication, incorrect axis, friction between meter pivot and magnetic pole, coil short circuit, excessive brush pressure, incorrect position, poor rectification, etc

5. There is noise. It is mainly caused by bearing damage, uneven surface of commutator, brush vibration or friction, etc. that the electrical system accessories of a forklift fail


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