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The year of 2017 has passed, and the performance of bangyuan famous craftsman has achieved a good reputation in this year. Let me give you a detailed list of the key words at the end of 2017

keyword 1: brand upgrading

comprehensively update the VI system and SI system. With the role of a small space home maker, it releases infinite possibilities in a limited space - smart, fashionable, focused, so that the space grows into the best of itself. Ingenuity, limited space, smart creates infinite possibilities, and brings the possibility of life, career and future to millions of families in China

at the level of product research and development, we will cooperate with well-known domestic design institutions to develop products and bring forth the new. We will choose many international well-known brands to achieve in-depth cooperation in functional application accessories, and will focus more on functional storage. With "small space home maker" as the starting point, we will show another brand communication level full of personality, wisdom, freedom and friendship, On the one hand, pan Xiaoting, a nine ball signing diva, is the new image spokesperson. Panxiaoting's 19 years of billiards career brought calm and reflection, and this focus coincided with the professionalism and focus of bangyuan famous craftsman who insisted on interpreting customized furniture for 12 years. Nimble, technical, champion and quality, just like nine ball queen's love of fancy billiards for 19 years, creating the road to champion of the world championships for ten consecutive years! The brand culture of bangyuan famous craftsman perfectly matches the spirit of Queen of heaven! On the other hand, we have reached a brand strategic cooperation with CCTV. The founder, Mr. Xin Daan, and the general manager, Ms. xiaodongmei, joined CCTV's cutting-edge trump program "dialogue star brand" in the name of ingenuity to witness the strength of the brand; At the terminal operation level, create a community of interests, deeply reform the terminal operation system, comprehensively improve the profitability of terminals, and realize the maximum value of customers

keyword 2: National Marketing - customized link

in early July, the national marketing system was independently developed by bangyuan famous craftsman - customized link was launched to experience the national marketing recommendation, solve the terminal passenger flow, break the traditional e-commerce, and truly do marketing with internet thinking. The only self-developed national marketing system in the customization industry truly realizes national marketing and national recommendation, and fundamentally realizes simple and fast customer introduction and continuous orders

keyword 3: small space and large customization

from July 8 to 11, the 19th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo kicked off in Guangzhou. At the largest building materials Expo in Asia, as the exhibition brand of customized home furnishings, bangyuan famous craftsman is shining with unprecedented scale. With "small space and large customization" as the theme of the exhibition, four new products are on display, including Mediterranean style Venice style series, Nordic modern style navia series, and European style Isabel series

key word 4: many honors

on July 10, the 2017 national household industry dealer survey and customized household & nbsp; was held in conference room 8, zone B, Pazhou Exhibition Hall; At the award ceremony of excellent brands in the aluminum door and window industry, bangyuan famous craftsman won the brand with investment potential

at the beginning of September, bangyuan famous craftsman won the top ten brands of 2017 China's wardrobe influence

after 13 years of development, bangyuan famous craftsman has formed the operation idea of "ingenuity + quality", and continues to win the favor and choice of users. Elaborately casting the leading customized home in China, we are committed to providing people with a more comfortable and beautiful life experience

brand influence

in 2017, Pang Xiaoting, the famous craftsman of bangyuan, signed a nine ball Diva as the corporate image spokesperson. Bangyuan famous craftsman is one of the first batch of customized home furnishing brands in China. It has been ranked among the top ten Chinese wardrobe brands for seven consecutive years. It is the only customized brand in the industry that has entered the CCTV "dialogue star brand" column group and the only teaching enterprise in the industry. It has a production base of 57000 square meters, six full-automatic production lines and one rapid processing production line. It has nearly 500 franchise stores across the country, providing a high-quality home environment for more than one million customers every year

product competitiveness

bangyuan famous craftsman ensures green production with leading technology, rejects formaldehyde pollution, and creates a fresh and healthy home. From base materials, plates to all links of production, bangyuan famous craftsman has always been strictly controlled, and the raw materials used have reached the highest international standard E0. It is the first formaldehyde free Orson board in the industry. The boards are environmentally friendly boards that meet the national testing standards, and the hardware is international brands. Environmental quality, international certification

channel service ability

bangyuan famous craftsman has a mature profit model of "five-star store operation", which includes three-dimensional store marketing system, six systems of franchise store operation example management, and the terminal training system of store personnel, which implements internal training + external training, one-to-one, interactive + practical training. In addition, bangyuan famous craftsman also has an active marketing in store help team to serve stores across the country, truly helping dealers solve problems and solve problems in operation. The mature operation mode and the full support of terminal assistance have made bangyuan famous craftsman expand rapidly in the terminal market and doubled the service competitiveness of the terminal




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