Weiyi design Island heroes compete

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On August 28, Uyghur people played with Uyghur design Island crazily and seized your hero's land. Did you land on the island today? What is the ranking? The design island of Uyghur people takes you into the land of heroes of non Uyghur design

on August 28, Weiyi people rushed to the beach on the design island. The design heroes of stores across the country rushed to the beach and landed on Weiyi design island! Check the points, redeem the prizes, rank PK, it's fun and interesting, and Uyghur people play crazy

Weiyi design Island, rich in prizes and fun, takes you into the extraordinary design Jianghu around the new martial arts style design

on the same day, after Weiyi design island was launched, everyone logged in to check your Wulin ranking and check the points to exchange for rich awards

who can compete in the Jianghu? Gallop design is famous in the Wulin, or drunk as a song, or happy life

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Weiyi design Island, your hero, you design. Heroes from all walks of life, see who fights for the king




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